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  • Without any external funding, Connected became a top employer in Canada in the span of two years. Here’s how we did it — and you can too…/against-the-odds-8a1ab4bc9a6f

    Against the Odds - Connected Lab - Medium

    Without any external funding, Connected became a top employer in Canada in the span of two years. Here's how we did it?-?and you can too. Written by: Ally Contardi According to Mashable, 25% of startups fail in their first year of business. By year two, another 36% fall off the charts.

  • Why Accessible Products Are Better, and How to (Start to) Build Them by our Head of Design Jackson McConnell

    Why Accessible Products Are Better, and How to (Start to) Build Them

    As product designers and developers, our mission is to build better products. But "better" can mean a lot of things. One way to define it is in terms of a product's usability; we want to create products that can be used, and enjoyed, by as many people as possible.

  • Newest blog post by our very own Software Engineer, Cameron. Great article on training with Randori.

    Training with Randori - Connected Lab - Medium

    By Cameron Rowshanbin Katas in Isolation: The "Traditional" Approach If you've ever explored options for how to train your engineering team, you've probably come across Code Katas. Teaching with Katas is relatively simple: show your team a short, made-up problem (the "Kata") and get them to try and solve it.

  • Our principal consultant, Jonathan Savage wrote a post on how to make product decisions wisely. Click on the article to read his take on the three values that drive mobile product growth.

    3 Values That Drive Mobile Product Growth - Connected Lab - Medium

    By Jonathan Savage theScore began on TV, but it came of age during the rise of mobile. To keep a straight course in that transitional period, we adhered to the following three values to help us make product decisions wisely.

  • It's official! We have been selected as Canada's Top SME Employer. We are so happy to be included on this list, it means a lot to us to receive this award in just 2.5 years!

  • At Connected, pair programming is one of our core values. To learn more about it click on the link to read our blog post:

    A Pair is Better Than One

    Quite simply, pair programming is where two programmers work together at one computer writing the same piece of code. The developer at the keyboard acts as the "driver" who writes the actual code, while the other developer acts as the "navigator" who guides the direction of the code, reviews the code as it is created and focuses on the larger strategic direction of the implementation.


    Design Thinking: Not Just For Designers Part 1

    How to Introduce Design Thinking to Your Entire Organization in a Fun, Hands-On Way Typically applied to product or service design, the term "design thinking" has been on the rise since the 70s and was especially popularized by design agency IDEO in the 90s.

  • If you come to one of our hackathons, you just might like it so much that you want to stay!

    How to Land an Awesome Job at a Hackathon

    New employees Jacob and Sheranga talk about going from hackathon attendees, to full time Connect Lab team members. If you want to join a future #CLHacks event, sign up at "Odyssey" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

  • Come to our next hackathon! Build chatbots for smart devices on June 4-5th in Toronto!

    Connected Lab Presents: The Chatbots for Smart Devices Hackathon

    Connected Lab, the global leader in connected software experiences, is hosting the Chatbots for Smart Devices Hackathon from Friday, June 3, 2016 to Sunday, June 5, 2016 at Connected Lab's Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. The hackathon will encourage developers to create new experiences using conversational interfaces on the IBM Watson IoT Platform.

  • Soft serve is the only thing that makes us happier than software

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