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  • Advancements in Space technology are rapidly approaching! Here are our predictions for the space industry in 2020, you can also check out our full list of predictions here:

  • Advancements in space exploration have been gaining momentum in recent times - what will the future of space hold? Paul Kostek looks at some signs that point to what 2020 will bring for space exploration in this article:


  • Implementing Machine Learning can be difficult, especially when you are moving your ML model to embedded devices. John Fogarty discusses some planning you can do to avoid some common pains in this article.


  • Looking to work in an environment where continuous learning, growth, and personal challenge are encouraged and supported? Come work for us! There are Business Development and Software Engineering positions open in both locations! Check out our available positions here:

    Available Positions | Base2 Solutions

    An innovative culture where people are encouraged and challenged to become their best.

  • Aspects of Machine Learning on the Edge: John Fogarty

    Aspects of machine learning on the edge

    Machine learning (ML) is hard; making it work within the resource-constrained environment of an embedded device can easily become a quagmire. In light of this harsh reality, anyone attempting to implement ML in an embedded system must consider, and frequently revisit, the design aspects crucially affected by its requirements.

  • Upgrading your tech stack isn't only necessary to promote innovation, but also for recruiting new minds to your business. Neil Halpern provides a few keys to improve your recruiting efforts in this Forbes article:

    The Best Reason To Upgrade Your Tech Stack Is For Recruiting

    In today's competitive economy, recruiting strong talent is a challenge, even for the most hip tech firm. But for legacy corporations that may lack the cachet of their startup counterparts, reaching the next generation of up-and-coming engineering talent can be a much bigger hurdle.

  • Wondering kind of interests engineering consultants have? Rockets of course! Bill Barnes goes into why he enjoys model rockets, and the impact they've had on him and his family.

  • We're all set! With four incredible panelists on the ticket we're excited to explore the space of the future of medtech product development on Sept 18th in Irvine, CA. Join DeviceAlliance and Base2 Solutions as we hear from medtech product development experts on where technology is heading and what opportunities it will create for our industry!

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