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  • The Power of a positive voice

  • “While we considered a number of potential enhancements to various employee benefits, annual leave is a ‘core’ benefit that is relevant to all permanent employees, regardless of seniority, gender, or status as a parent,” --Kathryn van der Merwe, Talent & Culture

    ANZ launches loyalty leave

    Loyalty leave provides an additional five days annual leave for employees who have had more than three years' consecutive service and is part of ANZ's focus on improving staff wellbeing and engagement, as well as attracting and retaining talent. It will be offered to staff in 24 other countries across the ANZ network.

  • What has changed over the first five years of bluenotes? Managing Director, Andrew Cornell weighs in.

    Five years of bluenotes; that's not all we've got...

    Our stated aim was to "bring together news, insights, opinions and research about the economy, business and finance, technology, innovation, investment, inclusion and sustainability". "There's an even greater imperative for us to be transparent and engage." - Ries That content, together with breaking news from ANZ such as earnings reports and strategic announcements, was to come from inside and outside ANZ.

  • Group Executive Mark Whelan talks about what ANZ's can offer to its customers in the light of its recent focus to institutional banking.

    "ANZ’s institutional bank is now big enough to be relevant but small enough to be responsive to our customers and better able to build on our strong relationships."

    A leaner, sharper & more agile institutional bank

    The sale of our retail and wealth businesses in Asia has left the institutional arm well positioned for growth - allowing a greater focus on customers with trade and capital flows in the region. "Customers are recognising we have an offering that's different to our competitors."

  • Camille Smith from The Weekly Times talks about the experience of 6 university graduates taking part in ANZ's Agribusiness Graduate Program.

    No Cookies | The Weekly Times

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  • Maile Carnegie, Group Executive for Digital Banking talks about the importance of being attentive to our customers' needs.

    "Customers will demand a lot more of banks and if we don’t meet their needs, somebody else will."

    Future for gov & banking depends on partnerships

    ANZ is well into a digital transformation of traditional banking. The roadmap the bank has developed translates to partners like governments. For example, the bank has overhauled the way it is structured, adopting agile methodology so what it does is faster, simpler and more-attuned to outcomes rather than process.

  • Check out this efinancialcareers article featuring Cholena Orr, Programs and Campaigns Manager within ANZ's Talent and Culture space. Cholena discusses the exciting changes to the 2020 graduate recruitment process, namely no longer accepting resumes upon application, and what's driven the change:

    "The unusual move was brought in to improve the overall Graduate experience whilst also encouraging a more diverse pool of talent into the bank."

    ANZ has stopped using resumes in its graduate recruitment process. Here's what ANZ is doing instead

    ANZ has made a surprising change to the way it recruits for its Graduate Program: it no longer asks candidates for resumes on application. Instead, graduates are invited to play a series of digital neuroscience games that collect objective behavioural data. This provides insight into possible strengths and development areas of candidates.

  • Jemma Wight, Production Editor ANZ bluenotes, sheds light on International Women's Day and stories of some of the challenges women face:

    "When reflecting on the theme for International Women’s Day this year – Balance for Better – it became very clear to me balance doesn’t exist yet."

    IWD2019 full coverage: balancing for better

    When I entered the workforce at 22 years old, I was steadfast in my belief I could do and be whatever I wanted - and that still stands. However as time passes, I have become acutely aware I've had a serious head start.

  • Andrew Cornell, Managing Editor ANZ bluenotes, on revolutionary non-banks offering digital banking services:

    "While these would-be disrupters may not want to become banks, regulators may demand it – because once any revolutionary achieves sufficient market size, governments and regulators start to fret about systemic risk, deposit safety and consumer backlash should something go awry."

    Non-banks: looking like banks, acting like banks, regulated like banks

    The issue is this: revolutionaries, be they fintech, big tech, neo-banks, non-banks, challenger banks , promise to upend the centuries old model of banking institutions. The catch is, as they do this, how do they avoid becoming banks themselves? "The average US technology firm deals with 27,000 government regulations.

  • Melissa Currie, Visual Production Editor ANZ bluenotes, pinpoints recent advances for the LGBTIQ+ community and underlines the positive impact inclusion has on worldwide GDP:

    "When the link between LGBTIQ+ inclusion and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita at a macroeconomic level was tested, a positive correlation was discovered. More to the point, research found a correlation between rights related to homosexuality in a country and that country’s level of economic development – meaning more rights are associated with higher GDP per capita."

    INFOGRAPHIC: LGBTIQ+ rights across the globe

    2018 in particular brought some moments in history for LGBTIQ+ rights - the LGBTIQ+ community in Australia were able to ring in the new year and rejoice in the knowledge Australians across the country had said 'yes to love' after same-sex marriage legislation was passed; transgender people were no longer considered to be mentally ill after the World Health Organisation reclassified 'gender incongruence' ; and, in a landmark ruling, the European Court of Justice granted same-sex spouses the same freedom of movement rights as straight couples.

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