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Hi fellow fishes, I recently interviewed at GoJek and cleared all of the rounds. I even got a call from HR that you have been selected for the senior software engineer role. He then asked me my expected salary. Which i gave a ballpark figure of 28 Laks PA. Since then it has been 3 days and I haven't heard back. Should i call him back and quote a lower price? Need your advice here. P.S - i am from India and have around 4 years of experience. My current salary is around 15 lakhs pa.



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The average salary for a Software Engineer is $103,204 per year in Canada. Salaries estimates are based on 16640 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Software Engineer employees in Canada.

The highest salary for a Software Engineer in Canada is $138,739 per year.

The lowest salary for a Software Engineer in Canada is $79,738 per year.

Becoming a software engineer can allow you to provide a reliable income for your family. Salaries for software engineers are very good. Software engineers make the most amount of money in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. Urban areas and cities are where salaries are the highest for software engineer. If you are looking to make more money as a software engineer, you can work within an e-commerce firm or a private information technology firm.

As a software engineer, you have the opportunity to work in different industries. As you develop your expertise and skills, you can boost your status and build an impressive career in many roles. Knowing the potential career paths you can take in your journey will help you decide which skills to build on to make the most money. Roles vary from junior, senior, and principal software engineer to more executive-level positions, like engineering manager, vice president of engineering, and chief technology officer (CTO). Most positions require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer systems, software engineering, mathematics, or computer science, but to raise your earning potential, you should work towards a master’s or doctoral degree in the same or related discipline. You can also enhance your skills with certifications from popular authorities, such as Microsoft, C, and CIW.

Are you a pro at researching, evaluating, and synthesizing technical information to design, build, and test computer systems and mobile applications? Do you assess, troubleshoot, document, upgrade, and create maintenance procedures for communications environments, applications software, and operating systems? Do you lead the development of process control software, integrated information systems, and other embedded control systems? These are key responsibilities of a skilled software engineer. So if you’re looking to negotiate your salary in your position as a software engineer, these are the areas you should focus on. These skills and qualifications show the value you bring to the company and can help score you a larger salary. If you’re new to the firm, highlight your previous duties, responsibilities, and sought-after skills to show why you’re worth a better starting wage.

About 74.39% of Software Engineer professionals feel satisfied with their salary, according to anonymous Glassdoor ratings. An additional $11,024 in potential pay per year, among other factors, can qualify the annual pay of a Software Engineer in Canada as a good salary.

Software Engineer professionals in Canada have a wide total pay range, between $64,472 and $190,248 depending on experience, with an estimated total pay of $103,196 following the average career path of a Software Engineer.



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