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Updated Nov 26, 2020

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  • "6 day work(in 4 reviews)

  • "They will not pay you and you will be scamming other innocent people(in 4 reviews)

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    1. 5.0
      Current Employee

      awesome company

      Nov 13, 2020 - Marketer in Conakry
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      A very high energy environment. The company is very well put together. very strongly recommend this establishment for working or from the consumer's side. saving you money and energy


      working 6 days a week.

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    2. 2.0
      Current Employee, less than 1 year


      Nov 13, 2020 - Call Centre in Ottawa, ON
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Chill work environment. Nice people.


      6 day work week. Pay is 3 weeks behind and they only pay 1 week at a time. Boring.

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    3. 1.0
      Former Employee, less than 1 year

      Scummy company, forced sales

      Nov 26, 2020 - Sales/Customer Service in Ottawa, ON
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      You can make a lot of money if you don't mind doing the dirty work, lying, and hounding innocent people for money constantly


      Don't believe the fake positive reviews! They make employees write them. At first glance this seems like the perfect sales job- making lots of money selling people things that they actually need that will help them in the long run. But it really isn't. On your first day the managers give you this big "Wolf of Wall Street" pitch about how much money they make and how much money you could be making. They flash their fancy belt buckles, tell you about their expensive cars, make you feel smart, like you're part of the team, etc. These are A+ manipulation skills. They make you feel special, like you want to stay, and that helps to get you to truly believe that the pitch they're giving you to sell is an honest one (it's not). THEN they tell you that they operate with a 6-day work week but that you just have to deal with it because "it's not like you have anything else to do anyways" and if you want to be rich like them that's "just what you'll have to do". It's not the hard work that bothered me about this place, it's the lack of ethics and morals. Plus they said they would be paying me a flat rate weekly and after doing the math I was making below minimum wage. The head manager (I don't remember his name but he's in charge of the Toronto and Ottawa offices) even claims to personally know Jordan Belfort. Belfort is a famous former stockbroker and convicted felon who committed fraud and other financial felonies- immediate red flag! They tell their employees these manipulative lies that most of them can't even see through, so most of the employees don't even realise what they're doing and do truly believe in their sales pitches. You spend all day calling a huge list of numbers trying to convince people that you are the good guys just trying to help them out. The main pitch they give you is to offer homeowners "free" incentives like a smart-home thermostat, all they need to do is let you schedule a time for a sales-person to visit their home and assess the heating & cooling systems. You're told to tell these people that they don't have to pay anything whatsoever to get this supposed free home thermostat but that's a complete lie. You just do anything you possibly can to get homeowners to schedule a house-call for the experienced sales-people to get their literal foot in the door and manipulate them to spend thousands of dollars on contracts for new heating & cooling systems, smoke detectors, and more. I don't think that this company should be considered legitimate. You can easily find hundreds of filed complaints against them for fraud, manipulation, and scamming. If you don't feel morally comfortable helping them with this, I would definitely recommend not working here. Important to note as well- When I got the interview the company was advertising itself as "Merkabah Marketing", but when I got there it was "Ontario Green Savings".

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      Ontario Green Savings Response


      Thanks for the feedback and we are dismayed that your experience is unlike the other 200+ happy employees. To address the issues we believe it is important for you to know that Ontario Green Savings makes high-efficiency upgrades affordable for middle to low-income families. We do that by providing cost-neutral programs and we have been selected as the fastest-growing company in 2019 and 2020 by The Globe and Mail. We have over 35,000 registered applicants through our programs and have accolades of awards and nominations including The Best Places to Work in Canada in 2020. Ontario Green Savings Team

    4. 5.0
      Current Employee, more than 1 year

      Great growth opportunities

      Dec 5, 2018 - Administrative Manager in Ottawa, ON
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Always new challenges, freedom to innovate and the opportunities to grow and learn new skills. Everyone you work with is here to help you, and you truly feel a part of the team.


      Working 6 days a week.

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