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  • "The company has great benefits and really makes sure you and your family have everything you need.(in 1495 reviews)
  • "Great people: my team in particular were some the smartest and most engaging people I've worked with.(in 1357 reviews)
  • "Great Culture and really to connect with our peers from all levels(in 810 reviews)
  • "I think that some of the pros are the that it has a good pay and is in a nice place like california(in 593 reviews)
  • "1) Work with the best 2) Always get challenged but in a positive way 3) Caring environment 4) good salary(in 462 reviews)
  • "No work life balance... in unnecessary meetings all day long and products constantly being deprioritized and whole organizations shifted(in 672 reviews)
  • "extremely political and recent layoffs made it even worse(in 322 reviews)
  • "1. Can be super stressful 2. Bad manager can ruin your life 3. Efforts are not praised or counted 4. Code output doesn't matter(in 268 reviews)
  • "Bad management and strategy for the company(in 212 reviews)
  • "Poor leadership that is not accountable: Company has no idea what they are doing and where they are going.(in 200 reviews)

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4.2Middle Eastern (32)
4.0Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (18)
3.7White (605)
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Updated Oct 3, 2023

Reviews about "big company"

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    1. 2.0
      Jan 9, 2023
      Lead Product Manager
      Current Employee, more than 1 year
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      - Good benefits - Great snacks - Remote work flexible - Co workers are nice for the most part


      - Poor leadership that is not accountable: Company has no idea what they are doing and where they are going. Leadership got there cause they were early employees, they have no experience anywhere else and do not know how to handle the current headwins. - Landgrabbing and Politics - People just climb the ladder creating fake scope and end up in leadership positions with no idea what to do and no experience. - Competitor obsessed. Always trying to copy the latest new app, tik tok etc.

      1. 2.0
        Apr 16, 2015
        Community Operations
        Current Contractor, less than 1 year
        Menlo Park, CA
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        - Free food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, boba) - Free shuttle (it's free for now, until they become like Google) - Freedom in daily job tasks (not a ton of micro-management) - Looks of internal company groups that perm/temp workers can join


        - NEPOTISM, FAVORITISM, AND IMMATURE WORKERS A lot of college grads are hired for temporary positions in the Community Operations department (possibly other departments as well), which calls for an immature work environment. Permanent employees favor certain temp workers, and promote them or give them more responsibilities. College grads look down on people older than them, and permanent workers overlook hard workers (statistics are skewed because there is nepotism and favoritism involved). Some temp workers are undervalued for their hard work and 'let go' without many facts to back it up. - NO WORK LIFE BALANCE, UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS Although there is not a lot of micro-management and you have freedom to accomplish your daily job tasks, the expectations are too high and they are unrealistic. If you don't meet the manager or senior-staffs' quality or quantity, they 'let you go' without a just cause. The judgement system is not fair, because there is nepotism and favoritism among temp workers. Temp workers are shunned and ridiculed in front of everyone during quality review time. This causes the work environment to be very harsh, unfriendly and NOT a fun place to work. Permanent workers are PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE and don't try to help you improve in your job tasks, let alone even train you well when you first started working for Facebook. - NO SUPPORT OR ENCOURAGEMENT FOR TEMP WORKERS Contractors are hired fast and 'let go' fast. It feels like more than 50% of the workforce are temp workers. Permanent workers view temp workers as just their 'slaves' to do their unwanted job tasks. No one really cares about your career growth, nor care about you as a person. You are just a 'slave' to the permanent workers, so move on to a new job when you get a chance. - LOW PAY FOR TEMP WORKERS (HUGE DISCREPANCY IN PAY BETWEEN PRO UNLIMITED AND OTHER STAFFING COMPANIES) The pay is extremely different between Pro Unlimited and other staffing companies. If you were hired by Pro Unlimited, that is good news for you because you are getting paid a lot more in dollars per hour. If you came from another staffing company, you are being paid a lot lower and should try to find a new job that pays more for your hard work. - PERMANENT WORKERS LOOK DOWN ON TEMP WORKERS This does not just exist at Facebook, but it is sad that it happens at Facebook. Permanent workers act entitled, and think that the world revolves around them. - HARDLY ANY TRANSITION BETWEEN TEMP TO PERM If you are a temp worker, don't expect to be hired as a permanent worker. Facebook usually hires permanent workers externally and do not even encourage temp workers to try to transition as a permanent worker. Work hard, but take it with you. Don't expect that they will create a permanent opportunity for you to stay longer than your contract. Once it ends, it's over. Move on with your life and find something better.

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