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Does Glassdoor offer paid time off?

Updated on December 8, 2022

Does Glassdoor pay for childcare?

Updated on December 8, 2022

Does Glassdoor offer family leave?

Updated on December 8, 2022
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We Are Transparent We are open and honest. We share information – the good and the bad – so we can continuously learn, collaborate and...More

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3 days ago

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Promoting transparency is vital for achieving pay equity and empowering employees and job seekers to make informed decisions about their careers. As we strive to provide job seekers with valuable insights into employers worldwide, we are continuing our commitment to implementing the same high level of transparency within our own business. Read more about our annual publication of Glassdoor salary ranges:
Shared image - Glassdoor Reveals Salary Ranges for All Employees | Glassdoor Blog
Glassdoor Reveals Salary Ranges for All Employees | Glassdoor Blog


16 days ago

Employee Story
"Back in January, I couldn’t bring myself to post about my one-year anniversary at Glassdoor. The news of so many layoffs crippled me with fear. I didn’t want to celebrate out loud while others grieved the loss of financial stability, self-esteem, career progression, etc. I also feared being ‘next,’ if I’m being completely honest. While those fears still exist, I’ve chosen to celebrate out loud today. Within my first year at Glassdoor, I’ve made President’s Club. Transitioning to industries came with significant imposter syndrome for me. Thus, I spent a lot of time asking questions, learning the mechanics, doing customer research, and creating preliminary scripts for myself to ease my nerves; all behaviors that I believe made me eligible for this award."- Chantia Olusoga, Enterprise Customer Success Manager Congratulations to you, Chantia!
Shared image - Chantia Olusoga, PMP on LinkedIn: #tocabowego #gratitude #glassdoor #presidentsclub | 36 comments
Chantia Olusoga, PMP on LinkedIn: #tocabowego #gratitude #glassdoor #presidentsclub | 36 comments
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