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73 days ago

From Johnny: " I grew up in Hong Kong, where gay marriage still isn't legal. Even after my family moved to "more progressive" Canada, kids at school made fun of what they saw as my femininity. The insecurities formed during those younger years carried over to my career. I worried about the professional cost of coming out at work. For nearly two decades, I hid my true self. But it was exhausting. I had to constantly watch my words. I was so worried I would accidentally reveal my partner's gender. Coming to CIBC changed all that. When I joined the company three years ago, CIBC's Pride Network completely changed my perspective. On CIBC's internal networking site, I saw all sorts of people sharing their identities and showing allyship. During my first Pride event, I realized I wanted to be a part of this group. I was ready to come out. I told my manager first. Having his support was so freeing. I excelled at my job because I was no longer distracted by my fears. When I joined the Pride Network, I found the community I'd hoped for. This Pride Month, I want to help the next generation of LGBTQ+ CIBCers start their careers with the same confidence I now feel."
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