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Burnaby, BC
201 to 500 employees
Company - Public
Food & Drink Manufacturing
$50 to $100 million (CAD) per year
Vega is a premium brand of convenient, plant-based, real food alternatives, with a vision of empowering the world to thrive. Since 2001, Vega has been a groundbreaker in the plant-based natural health and performance products industry, and we’re Vega is a high-growth ... Read more

Mission: - To share our passion for clean, plant-based nutrition through education and leading by example;
- To deliver premium, innovative, industry-leading wellness solutions to our valued customers;
- To live our commitment to constant improvement by pursuing ... Read more

Company Updates

  • We are seeking the industry's top talent in the areas of Marketing, IT, Product Innovation and more.

    If you are a performance-driven individual, always looking to create solutions for your team and are ready to show up every day ready for a new adventure, then go to and check out the amazing opportunities we have available.


    Fuel your healthy, clean eating diet with our nutrient dense plant-based protein and nutrition shakes.

  • We are growing and are now on the hunt for an experienced Sales and Planning Strategy Manager, North America. CPG experience is required. Apply today!

    Sales & Planning Strategy Manager, North America

    About VEGA Vega is a high-growth, natural health food and supplement company on Profit Magazine's Profit 100 list of fastest growing companies the last five years with a passion for people. Our premium, award-winning brand is at the forefront of the plant-based, whole food revolution.

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Vega – Why Work With Us?

Vega’s Story

Vega is a high-growth, natural health food and supplement company on Profit Magazine’s Profit 100 list of fastest growing companies the last five years with a passion for people. Our premium, award-winning brand is at the forefront of the plant-based, whole food revolution. Vega has been named one of the Best Workplaces in Canada and has been recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for Women. We honor a triple bottom line approach to business placing emphasis on people, planet and performance. Join a great team atmosphere with a driven, vivacious group of people.

Born from the belief that you shouldn’t have to choose between clean, plant-based nutrition and on-the-go convenience, Vega is a premium brand of convenient, plant-based, real-food alternatives. We strive to give you the knowledge and nutrition to help you be better on your own terms—one small change at a time. And we’re rooting for you, every step along the way.

Who We Are

It takes a cup of vision, a scoop of determination, a pound of curiosity, an ounce of innovation, and a dash of serendipity to make our foodscape better, one small step at a time. Empowering the world to thrive might sound a little bombastic as a vision, but isn’t one we take lightly—everything Vega does as a brand is sincerely driven by our four part mission:

  • To share our passion for clean, plant-based nutrition through education and leading by example;
  • To deliver premium, innovative, industry-leading wellness solutions to our valued customers;
  • To live our commitment to constant improvement by pursuing perfection, one small change at a time;
  • To foster a fulfilling, inspiring workplace for Vegatopians that’s sustainable for our people, our company, and our planet.

But these are just words on paper. It takes embodiment of this vision and mission to make the world—and our food—better. Our employees (referred to as Vegatopians) live and breathe Vega’s vision and mission through the core values we all created together. The attitude, passion and dedication of Vegatopians is the secret to Vega’s success. But don’t just take our word for it –let Vegatopians show you.

How We Got Here

The key ingredients of vision, determination and serendipity combined when Brendan Brazier and Charles Chang founded Vega. As a professional triathlete, Brendan Brazier recognized that nutrition made good athletes, great. As he self-experimented with different diet types, he realized that clean, plant-based nutrition was the competitive advantage he needed. After meeting Sequel Naturals founder Charles Chang, Brendan pitched the concept of an all-in-one nutritional shake that did not compromise quality, nourishing ingredients for convenience. Just like that, Vega’s first product—Whole Food Health Optimizer—was born. And that was just the beginning.

Since 2001, Vega has been groundbreakers in the plant-based natural health and performance products industry. From Whole Food Health Optimizer, we’ve expanded to create a range of clean, plant-based nutrition products to help you be better—on your own terms.

Where We’re Going

We’re proud to be recognized as one of the fastest growing—and best companies to work for—year after year. Vega’s performance is driven by core values centered around integrity, passion, ownership, teamwork, goal setting, and sustainability. Our goal is to provide convenient plant-based products, made from real, whole food ingredients to support your health—without having a negative impact on the planet’s health.

Brendan Brazier continues to work on formulating Vega products and bring fresh ideas to our platforms; and while Charles Chang has moved on to pursue other opportunities, he continues to be an adviser and forever friend to Vega.

What Sets Vega Apart

Our culture at Vega is proudly unique, vibrant, engaged—but in a word, we call it Vegatopia. The positive attitude, passion, and perseverance of the Vegatopians we hire is the true secret behind our success. It’s what keeps us innovative in our dedication to bringing you the high-quality plant-based natural health products our fans love. It’s a little bit different here.

Vegatopians live and breathe Vega’s vision and mission through the core values we all created together:

  • Keep your word.
    Demonstrate integrity, be honest, respect others, and choose ethically.
  • Perform better.
    Set goals, be performance driven, stand accountable, challenge “good enough,” and improve. Constantly.
  • Serve with passion.
    Listen, understand, solve problems, over-deliver, and astound every customer.
  • Own your work.
    Take ownership, drive action, show initiative, be proud, and speak up.
  • Play as a team.
    Contribute, empower, mentor, share, and celebrate together.

Why Work For Vega?

Do you value integrity and customer service? Do you take ownership and show initiative in everything you do? Do you not only love our culture, but contribute to it? And, if health and fitness is not something you read about, but something you live, then let your journey begin with Vega!

Join a great team atmosphere with a driven, vivacious group of people who are just as serious about our work as we are about having fun! Fast growing and highly dynamic, Vega was named Canada's #1 Best Workplaces 2017 and has been named #1 Best Workplaces for Women for the last 3 years. We honor a triple bottom line approach to business, placing emphasis on people, planet and performance.

Benefits of working at Vega

  • Competitive compensation plan
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Open Book Management
  • Flexible Extended Health/Dental Plan
  • Group RRSP Matching program
  • Group MSP – 100% coverage
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Alternative refreshment options that go beyond coffee
  • On-site kitchen with in-house Vegan Chef offering plant-based food and snacks
  • Optional plant-based lunch program
  • Monthly product to try so that you can perform at your best and promote the Vegatopian lifestyle
  • Dogs in the office at Vega HQ - woof! 
  • On-site fitness facility and meditation room
  • Daily fitness classes, before and during work hours
  • On-site shower facilities 
  • Fitness Subsidy
  • Education Fund
  • Green Transit Incentives


10 Remarkable Things about Vega by Vegatopians

It’s a little bit different here. Vegatopians (Vega employees) united by the vision of Empowering the World to Thrive, have created a team environment that has named Vega the #1 Best Place to Work in Canada. In fact, we’ve been named one of the Best Workplaces in Canada for six years in a row, and have been recognized as the #1 Best Workplace for Women in Canada for the third year in a row.  Curious what it’s actually like to work here? We asked 10 Vegatopians to share what makes Vega a great place to work.

1. Welcome to the Vega Family

If you’ve ever sampled Vega at a race or event, you’ve probably met Sami, who travels around North America spreading the love of plants, one smoothie at a time. “The thing I love most about Vega is the zeal people have for everything they do –it’s that little bit of extra enthusiasm we add to celebrating birthdays, babies, race PRs, office planks, team squat o’clock, and it carries through in our work. On several occasions, Vegatopians have booked vacation time and hopped on plane to fly out and join another Vega Team to run a Ragnar relay or Tough Mudder race. This culture values community and has a feeling of family with a friendly touch of competitiveness!”

2. We’re Whole People—not Just Employees

Tara appreciates that everyone at Vega realizes that you have a life outside of work. “Everyone at Vega views their coworkers as whole human beings with a life outside these walls. It’s not just what you do when you’re here; it’s about how you are as a person. If some other parts of your life aren’t in balance, your work will suffer. It’s a mature perspective, and requires trust that we have the right people who will not take advantage of this flexibility. As a mom, this flexibility is really helpful. It’s a no-brainer to work from home if my child is sick, or I have a lapse in childcare. Calling in for meetings is not seen as a weakness but as part of life.

“Viewing employees as whole people with unique skills and passions also helps to create a fun and playful atmosphere that I love. We do silly things like dress up at staff meetings, and everyone participates–even the most senior person here.  Encouraging Vegatopians to be themselves helps us all to live our best life—inside and outside of work.”

3. A Company of Entrepreneurs

Dave agrees that people, and the entrepreneurial spirit they share, make Vega remarkable. “What I love most is the people. The common denominator is everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit that infuses the company from top down. It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s constantly changing, and it’s always lively. We emphasize in the hiring process that you must be willing to own your work, and take risks. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t support. There are many levels of support, actually more than any other company I’ve worked for. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and also knowing that you have support, from the head office, marketing, education, inside sales, IT—so many levels of support to get the jobs done—makes Vega extraordinary.”

4. Creating Balance, Inside and Outside the 9-to-5

Erin believes in the value of bringing people together. “Vega is a fast-paced work environment. We’re lucky to have an executive team who cares enough to invest in people. We’re encouraged to create fun activities—and take time out from work during work hours to participate and connect, within and across teams. Events like summer lunchtime barbeques, our annual Wellness Night, and staff meeting theme days give Vegatopians an opportunity to share our uniqueness and recognize the crazy awesomeness in one another. Cultivating successful work (and non-work) relationships starts when you make time for like-minded people to do the healthy, active stuff they love doing, together.  Many of us are great friends outside the office—and our at-work time is better because of it.

5. Building Relationships Beyond Vega

It’s not just relationships inside Vega that Vegatopians value. Mary Praught (Strategic Account Manager) also appreciates the close connections made with customers and consumers. “Within Vega, I value my relationships with my colleagues and peers, because it’s great to work with so many like-minded and goal-oriented people. Our sales team is built on a special model that has allowed our people to develop really strong relationships with our retail partners. By spending quality time with our customers, we learn their needs, and together can strategize solutions to their problems. We see our retailers more often than many other companies, allowing us to be more than order takers—we’re a key part of business, sales and category growth. We’re business drivers who care about building quality relationships. I’ve been in the natural products industry for so long, it’s fun to work with a company that kicks the standards up a notch and is innovative.”

6. A Platform to Build Better Lives

Working her dream job, Kim has always envisioned having a platform to improve others’ lives. “I knew I wanted to work for a company that would promote wellness and nutrition on a larger scale, and I knew Vega would be a company that I could do that with. I’ve grown so much, and it’s more than I ever thought it would be. It’s not just a job—it’s a culture and a community. I appreciate that Vega has an entire team devoted to education, spreading nutrition information on a plant-based lifestyle, and showing how nutrition can change your life. We have nutrition experts across both Canada and United States empowering real people to thrive, and it’s awesome.”

7. Investing in People so They Don’t Just Survive, but Thrive

Shiah Bazeley (Senior Director of People & Culture) believes the level to which Vega invests in employees surpasses many other companies. “It makes my job much more enjoyable when a company really does care about its people. Believe it or not, this isn’t always the case. From the moment I was asked to create a vision board as part of my interview process, I knew there was something unique about Vega. One of the most amazing things about a company is when they do what they say they are going to do, and really stand behind their values and mission. It is authenticity, integrity, and passion in each and every employee that makes Vega a seriously awesome place to work! From taking care of employee health and well-being through daily plant-based lunches and fitness challenges, to education opportunities that bring employees closer to their vision of their life, not just their career (and yes, basket weaving IS reimbursable as training), Vegatopians are supported to harness their interests and passions, create the life they dream about, and not just survive, but thrive.

8. The Power of People

Cory, RHN, eCommerce Coordinator, “What makes Vega the best job I’ve worked at is the people. Passionate, creative, and fun-loving only begin to describe the aura of this company. It comes from the lunchtime chats over a plant-based soup and salad, the dogs at work, the never-ending rounds of Happy Birthday (and cake!), and not to mention all the activities at Vega HQ! From boot camps to volleyball, we work hard and play hard. Whether you come in early in the morning or work late, everyone has a smile on their face, knowing they’re making the world a better place.

9. We’re Part of Something Bigger

Ziggy, Graphic Designer, is glad to finally work for a brand that stands for something greater than just products on the shelf. “I look forward to waking up each day to work with incredibly creative people who have values that are aligned with mine. No matter how tight the timelines on a project may be, we always come together as a team, empower one another to do great work and constantly elevate. We also manage to still have fun. Whether it’s a company-wide two-minute plank at Vega HQ, or Tuesday Run Club, there are moments of fun throughout each day that can turn a totally mundane day into another great day at a place I genuinely love to work.”

10. Better is the Center of Everything We Do

Craig at Vega strongly believes, “At Vega our vision is to empower the world to thrive, which starts with our people. We have created a very inclusive culture that cares about the whole person. We come together from different backgrounds, different beliefs, different work and life experiences, but all stand united through our belief in this vision. Every morning when I walk into the office, I see people jazzed about their jobs. I see friendships forming—both inside and outside of these walls. I see talented Vegatopians do new things and elevate their careers here. I see our company continue to have great success, and a meaningful business in North America and beyond. I see tremendous growth opportunities—for our people, and Vega.

“The belief in better is right at the center of everything we do. It is this concept of continuous improvement, that we’ve never really arrived, and we’ll relentlessly pursue better. Better products, helping people (Vegatopians and our consumers) and the planet be better, and better business performance. At Vega, we have a special opportunity to combine the best of a big company’s resources with the entrepreneurial spirit of a small start-up. We have the resources, approaches, strategy and talent to create something special for the future of food—something better.”


What Sustainability Means to Vega

At Vega, we want to change the world. And changing the world starts with us.

Our passion for plant-based nutrition is as much about empowering health as it is about supporting the health of our planet. But sustainability isn’t just about what goes into our products—sustainability must be part of everything we do.

We want to be a company that leaves a net zero carbon footprint. Come join us on our Journey to Zero.

Journey to Zero

It’s one thing to say you want to be a company that leaves a net-zero carbon footprint. It’s quite another to take real actions toward that goal. Journey to Zero is Vega’s name for our process of taking actions and being accountable to this goal.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. And because we mean business when it comes to the planet, we treat our carbon footprint as a real indicator of our performance. We started with a complete corporate environmental sustainability audit and used the results to create Vega’s Sustainability Action Plan.

Every small change we make is a step on our Journey to Zero—and we take each of them so seriously that we’ve woven this process of making steps on this journey through the fabric of everything we do. Our ingredients, our packaging, our office, our suppliers—each of these represents an opportunity to innovate, improve, and bring us closer to our goal.


Our passion for clean, plant-based nutrition that’s good for your body and fuels your healthy, active life isn’t the only reason Vega products are exclusively plant-based—it’s also a reflection of our commitment to the planet.

What you eat can make a bigger impact on the planet than any other choice you make.

Reducing your personal carbon footprint involves a whole lot more than just how big a car you drive on your morning commute. In fact, what you eat can make a bigger impact on the planet than any other choice you make.

Whole, plant-based foods provide far greater nutrition relative to their real production cost from seed-to-plate when compared to processed, non-plant-based options. Or, in the words of our formulator, Brendan Brazier, they have a significantly lower nutrient-to-resource and nutrient-to-emissions ratio.

Your carbon footprint shrinks with every plant-based meal you choose.

Reducing your impact on the planet is simple—just start with one (plant-based meal a day, that is). Whether you’re dipping your toe into the Meatless Monday routine, or you’re a card-carrying raw vegan localvore, every plant-based meal you choose makes a dent.


100% PCR Bottles: Now with tons less hot air (literally)

In our 2012 sustainability audits, we identified packaging as our single largest source of CO2 emissions—back then packaging materials accounted for 71% of Vega’s total carbon footprint

Why? Because until then, like every other company in our industry, most of what we made at Vega came in a plastic bottle—bottles made from virgin HDPE plastic, derived from greenhouse-gas generating, non-renewable petroleum.

In 2013 we switched to 100%post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic bottles.

We were the first in our category to switch from virgin HDPE plastic bottles to 100% PCR plastic bottles. With this one step, Vega has achieved the following environmental impact benefits so far:

  • Diverted 1,349 tons of plastic from the waste stream. Made into Vega bottles stacked end-to-end, that’s a stack 325 times the height of Mount Everest.
  • Saved 1,611 tons of CO2 – 63% less CO2 greenhouse gases* than virgin plastic. This much CO2 could fill 2,044 parade balloons, making a balloon-only parade 23.2 miles long.
  • Used 81,369 million BTUs less energy – 86% less energy* than virgin plastic.  That’s enough energy saved to run 770 average detached single family homes in America for a year.

Plus, Vega’s 100% PCR HDPE plastic bottles are still fully recyclable.

There are no silver bullets—in life, or on our Journey to Zero—but every choice we make matters. Vega lives our commitment to constant improvement by pursuing perfection, one small change at a time.

- compared to using virgin plastic to make the same volume of Vega bottles


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    Vega is an amazing certified B Corp that has attracted an inspiring, welcoming, driven and outgoing team. The teams in all departments differ tremendously in terms of what they work on, how they work, and what their interests are however everyone is understanding, friendly and wants to make work an enjoyable part of their day.


    The opt in lunch program spoils us

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    The whole interview process was conducted professionally and smoothy. The hiring manager was very friendly and accommodating with any questions or concerns. I even had good feedback from my references saying the person they spoke with on the phone was lovely.

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Vega Awards & Accolades

  • Best Workplace for Women, and Second Best Place to Work Overall, Great Place to Work Institute, 2016
  • Best Places to Work #1, Great Place to Work Institute, 2017
  • Best Place to Work for Women #1, Great Place to Work Institute, 2017
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