Superintendent Job Description

What is a Superintendent?

A superintendent is a senior administrative position held within the school district. A superintendent works together with the district school board to create and institute policy and processes related to education. They are responsible for the development and supervision of all school programs within their districts and seek to improve the educational standards of students. Many superintendents begin their career path as a teacher and eventually become head administrators or principals before moving to the position.

There are various degree options to becoming a superintendent. However, a master's degree in education or school administration is strongly preferred. Those who excel in the position tend to have a passion for education and high standards for educators and public-school processes. Exceptional employees in the position of superintendent have first-hand knowledge of life in public schooling and actively work to improve public education for students and teachers in their district.

Superintendent Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Superintendent

  • Propose, write and revise educational policies for the district and act as the voice of parents and students
  • Review financial statements and seek ways to lower costs and spend allowances in the best manner to achieve district goals
  • Analyze the bussing system and determine how many busses are needed in the fleet yearly to ensure the transportation needs of the district are met
  • Prepare monthly reports regarding teacher and student data
  • Review the proposed curriculum and ensure it meets state and national educational standards
  • Oversee educational spending by setting and maintaining the annual budget
  • Ensure safe and well-maintained building by budgeting for improvements and maintenance
  • Interview and hire principals within the district

Qualifications for Superintendent

  • Master's or Doctorate degree in administration or education preferred
  • Hands-on leadership skills in an educational setting
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Professional experience working in a classroom setting
  • Genuine interest and compassion regarding the improvement of education standards for the district
  • Experience working a leadership role in the school system as a principal or administrator
  • Ability to effectively communicate with parents and understand their viewpoints on decisions made within the school system
  • Experience in organizing building maintained and public transportation within the district
  • Accountability and integrity are essential as the decisions made in the role effect countless others

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