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Draw a model of a job interview

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They gave me paper and pen and asked me to draw what a "job interview" might look like. They seemed to be looking for process diagram, a use case, process model, or perhaps a class diagram. Either way, I was so taken aback by how the interview started and was progressing, that I shut down. I had no interest in providing the correct (or any) answer, and I wanted to leave, but they kept me there despite my clearly stating that my working there would not be a good fit.

Q: How would you rate and deliver driver compensation packages to ensure the retention of drivers?

Questions about education Experience on projects What is your experience with health benefits? What is your experience with disability benefits? Did you do any testing? How many test cases did you write? What is the most complex issue that you ever had to work with? Details about role on each project? Experience with excel and working with Large Data?

Technical questions, situational questions, short and long-term goals, interests, etc.