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Corporate Sports Unlimited
Wellness Coach was asked...April 24, 2019

They asked about experience and knowledge in the wellness field.

1 Answers

With my experience.

Onlife Health

Why did I want to be a heath and wellness coach?

1 Answers

Because I have a passion for health and fitness and I want to help others find their passion Less

Jenny Craig

Can you multi task extremely well and stay calm and confident even during crazy busy times. Do you scare easy.

1 Answers

I did Home Day care for 8 toddlers under 4 years old and also dealt with 6 sets of parents all while remaining calm, cool, positive and confident...even when it's all crazy and happening at once. I did it for 16 years. Less

Operation HOPE

They asked about coaching and workshop experienced

1 Answers

Strategies for coaching

Services for the UnderServed

Basic NYC Services

Wellness Coaches

How do you handle an employee who is not interested in making healthy lifestyle changes

1 Answers

This question will verify if you are cut out for this kind of work.


Are you Willing to Complete Cleaning Responsibilities During Down Time, Instead of Simply Sitting in the Office. (Had Issues w/ College Students in the Past Sitting in Office For Entire Shifts)

1 Answers

Absolutely, I actually prefer to keep myself busy rather than sit around, It helps pass the time during slower periods of the shift. Sitting during those times would be torture, it would make it seem like the time was passing slower and I would be extremely bored. So I am all for completing cleaning responsibilities when I have the time to do so. Less


Detailed situations that are very representative to the client interactions advertised for the position.

1 Answers

Demonstrate counseling knowledge and positive role for client.


What are your goals in this company

1 Answers

to help people Get healthy rather that be losing weight or gaining muscle mass or bettering health and helping them make an income Less

Dhaka Club

How can Short time workout for an older / busy person?30-35 mnts .

1 Answers

I told them normally cardio work out and birning fat take time with in 20 mints (if continuously) otherwise I have Resistence Bands workouts with doing some stretching. Less

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