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Sports Authority of India
Coaching Volleyball was asked...January 20, 2013

Setting the target without checking the realities.

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First of check out the realities where you can know details and than plan the proper progress,keeping in mind factors of production and production process is generally slow. Less

Highline College

How would you respond to an unhappy parent?

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My coaching philosophy is to work with the girls themselves as much as possible and have the parents stay out of it. I firmly believe that if a girl has a problem with something, they should come to me themselves and address the problem without parent involvement. If we could not come to a resolution between the girl and myself, I believe the next step is to bring in Chris or John (the club owners/directors). If a resolution still could not be reached, then I believe the parent can get involved. Basically, I believe that the girls should take responsibility for themselves and I believe they are mature enough to speak up if they have a problem. Less

Lewisville Independent School System

Generic Teacher Method questions.

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Buzz words all day long. Scaffolding, Differentiated Instruction, Peer Assessment, Cooperative Learning, Higher-Order Thinking Skills, BYOD/BYOT Bring Your Own Device, or Bring Your Own Technology, IEP wisdom, CHAMPS, Capturing Kids Hears, AVID, Inclusion and wait time. I told personal stories and even got emotional because of a Special Education question I tied back to my sister. I answered that "my sister would not have the struggles she has today if she had been a student in my class with the resources I am able to tap and utilize." Got me all choked up. They liked that. Less

Carroll County Public Schools

What makes you want to be a part of our program?

Barton College

There wasnt a hard question


Setting unrealistic goals to achieve.

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