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Virtual Recruiter was asked...January 2, 2019

No questions, if you have the money to pay. (A series of webinars and infomercials designed to trick you)

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There is no reason to pay for a 100% commission position. I have been in the industry for 5+ years and please - do not pay these people - companies like Randstad - or Ajilon and many others will be happy to let you recruit within a 100% commission and absolutely not charge you. These guys are crooks. Less

Our platform currently operates as a Software as a service (SaaS) like Salesforce, Workday, Concur, Citrix GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx. We do no interviews, Less

This is setup as a turnkey opportunity to have ownership of your own company. There is unlimited potential to make money working virtually with all the training, support, mentoring that you will need to hit the ground running. The price you pay is to have access to the database, back office, tutorials (which are held daily). There is no interview process, you attend the webinar and are told upfront that this is a business presentation. Less

They will read from a script. Same questions every time. You are guaranteed to get hired. Stay away from this job. Believe me it is a scam. Find another company to work for.

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Harvard is a 3rd Party Broker offering 2 legitimate products for sale owned by independent companies --- LegalShield and Kroll ID Theft. That point is made very clear to me by every Harvard Recruiter. Harvard does not offer a job. It offers you an opportunity to become an Independent Agent affiliated with Harvard. You are in business for yourself. There is NO COST to become a Harvard Agent and get Trained and Certified to sell their products. Legal Shield requires Agent membership in order to sell their product and receive a commission for each membership sold. The job requires effort and hard work like most jobs. This is no "sit on your butt at home and wait for tons of money to flow in while you do nothing" position. This is no "Get Rich Quick" Scheme. There are no short cuts. Put in the time. Put forth the effort. Follow the program and the financial rewards are there. Want to become your own boss and represent Carvel or McDonald's or Krispy Kreme, etc? Get ready to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for a franchise. Sales is not for everybody. Working as an Independent Agent is not for everybody. Commission only income earned is not for everybody. Being in business for yourself is not for everybody. Working hard and putting forth an honest effort is not for everybody. There are plenty of jobs available where loafers can earn a good living with good benefits for doing nothing 40 hours a week. Some people prefer being hired drones, ordered about, handed a weekly or bi-weekly check by an employer and being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, etc by overbearing bosses. The complainers who don’t have what it takes to do this job and post negative comments on career sites because of this inability should not discourage those who have sales ability, want to sell a legitimate product and be in business for themselves. If the opportunity isn't for you, acknowledge that fact and move on with your life. Don't ruin the opportunity for others. Less

I agree 100%, I’ve been trying to reply to as many as possible letting them know that some recruiters are very new and there are no start up fees or get rich quick schemes it’s actually a lot of work that we get compensated for quite well!!! Well said! Less

The questions I received were typical, pre interview type questions, as listed above. I am still in the beginning stages, so am interested in determining if this is a bonifide position, or if it is a position as is described in other posts on this site...where you must pay to play.

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Do not fall for this obvious scam. I work in the field of HR and have for several years. I specialize in several areas of HR including recruiting. No citizen of the USA should ever pay to gain employment by purchasing the employers product to become eligible for employment. Less

You most likely found out that it's an obvious load of b.s. I just went through the conference call. The first half seemed pretty decent. I wasn't really trying to make a career of it. I just wanted something HR related to put on my resume'. Anyway, it did seem ok as a commission opportunity until the second half of the conference was dedicated to "not" try to sell us Legal Shield. It was apparent that whomever didn't opt in to purchase the product wouldn't get the position. "Legal Shield is NOT a requirement" was stressed a couple of time. Then, he tried to give the "if you don't own the product, then how will you understand your job?" and "If you don't understand, then you may not be a great fit for this role... you may have a tough time recruiting, anyway." He was basically saying that those who didn't purchase Legal Shield would not get the job. "We're not a part of Legal Shield. We're just a broker." Great job violating the whole Truth in Advertising thing, Harvard Risk Management. I feel bad for those naive people that bought into this mess. Less


They didn't really ask me anything. I got the job instantly.

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Are you still with the company and how you like it?


They discussed my experience, the types of candidates that I have sourced and recruiting the technology and ATS systems that I have used. Types of recruiting such as RPO, Agency, Corporate, and the type of fast paced, high volume recruiting that I have done.

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I answered each question in detail


What motivates you?

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What are some of your accomplishments in your last role?

Asked about my recruiting experience

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What do I like about working from home

The interviewer did not ask me any questions an immediately asked me to log into the agent portion of his website. I found this suspicious and unprofessional and ended the interview at that point.

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Hi, My name is Tiya Knox and I’m in management with Harvard Risk Management, but started as a Virtual Recruiter. I just wanted to reply and apologize for your experience. Unfortunately, due to the amount of recruiting that goes on, not every employee is trained well enough or knows exactly what they should be doing at any given time and this all depends on who your recruiter (Also known as your Team Leader/Manager/Recruiter) After the interview you would start your training and then when comfortable, start recruiting. The people you recruit will then be part of your team and you get commission and bonuses for people your recruits recruit, and every sale of our two main products/services made by anyone in your down line for the same amount as if you sold it. It’s not a pyramid scheme nor do you pay to work there. You’re encouraged to join a service we offer for your own benefits, but it’s not a requirement. I have yet to pay a dollar except to help my recruits post ads if they can’t afford it in the beginning or something. Again, sorry you had a bad experience and If you ever want to try again you can email me at tiyaknox. HRMC @ Gmail. Com. Good luck! Less

Talent Solutions

How many years experience in high volume recruiting.

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With the truth 20 years


What does the mixture of position types that you recruit for currently?

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70% falls into Accounting/Banking/Finance

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