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explain setup and hold time with figure and some example and then interviewer added some circuitry and asked to solver setup and hold violation in circut

2 Answers

Setup and hold violations are caused when datapath (logic) is too slow or too fast, respectively, compared to clock cycle. In the first case need to make driving FF stronger and decrease wire delays, in the second case the opposite.

Pipelining is also another way to resolve setup time violations.

What did you do at your previous co-op employer?

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how can you decide a clock cycle by 3, use verilog to impalement it

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About your current job. PBX, IP telephone, SIP

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random testing using c

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Mostly hardware related. Such as design basic hardware components using Verilog. Also debugging C++ language programs.

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FizzBuzz with 3 and 5 for Fizz and Buzz, respectively and 15 for FizzBuzz

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they focused a lot on OOP, which is unexpected given the title that I applied.

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Write a decimal to hex function in C

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setup and hold time, flip-flop/latch design, how would you verify a design?

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