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implement sqrt without using math libray

9 Answers


I think exp and ln still require a Math library. How about using Newton's method to find the root of f(x) = x^2 - a, where x is the solution (the sought square root) and where a is the number for which you want to find the square root?

I would have implemented either Taylor or MacLaurin series, centered at an integer number that is closest to the number that you want to find the square root for, such that the square root of this integer is clean. So if you wanted to find the square root of 8.5, I would centre the series at 9 (sqrt(9) = 3), then compute the series at that point. I'd probably choose between 8 and 10 terms, as that is what is used in any scientific calculator.

A man is rowing a boat to travel up the river. each day he travels 5 miles upstream but at night when he resting he travels 4 miles downstream. How many days does he take to travel 20 miles?

5 Answers

Given an array of 1001 elements, consists all numbers from 1-1000. Only one number is repeated. Write a function that returns the repeated number.

4 Answers

Write a function that divides one number by another, without using the division operator, and make it better than O(n).

7 Answers

Why is a manhole cover round?

3 Answers

How to multiply a number by 7 without using + and * operators?

3 Answers

Given 100 white marbles and 100 black marbles and two jaws. Put these marbles in the two jars in a way that would maximize the chance of retrieving a white marble from any given jaw.

4 Answers

Brain teaser. You have an infinite amount of water, a 3L jug and a 5L jug. How do you measure out exactly 4L of water. And no their is no 3rd container to collect it in and no lines on the jugs measuring each litre.

3 Answers

No very difficult questions. Just be sure you know why you want to work at KPMG (over the other Big 4) and why you want to be a CA

2 Answers

What u will do: 2 people on the floor...and 30 customers around

2 Answers
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