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Mulberry Technology
UX Content Strategist was asked...July 1, 2021

What is the difference between a UX Content Strategist and a UX Writer, or a copywriter, or a UX Researcher?

1 Answers

My response is too long to write, but I told him they are different due to their functions, but ultimately they utilize a lot of the same skills and methods. Either way, these were the type of questions he asked, that weren't the kind of questions that should be asked when you are looking to hire someone. These are questions you need to ask and answer internally. Less

3 Minds Digital

What are some of the design decisions from your past projects, that you feel could have been done in a better or different way or that you are not happy with?

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I had a previous project of mine which is currently live, which I showed my seniors and Head of Design, and gave my suggestions on how it could be made better, user-centric and intuitive. Less


I was asked about my experience within UX.

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I answered with information about my involvement with UX design and the various programs I was comfortable with at the time. Less

User Insight

Why are you leaving your current job?

Medavie Blue Cross

Describe how you might react to various situations.

Sensorama Design

Voltado a entender seu perfil, experiências técnicas e conhecimentos técnicos


describe a time you dealt with conflict at work


-Tell me about what tools you use -Talk about what you do for fun -Why do you want to work here? (Pretty generic HR stuff...Advice: Understand the UX industry if you're going to interview positions for that)


Specific questions related to their product features.


Não me lembro de perguntas específicas mas não teve nenhuma pegadinha: processo super transparente e honesto. Só lembrando que é sempre bom você saber como lidar com ambiguidade dentro de um projeto – saber falar sobre isso acredito que seja um diferencial importante.

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