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How old are you?

3 Answers

Are you supposed to be asking illegal interview questions?

Are you serious about this? They asked "how old are you" and you call this "illegal question"? I'm so confused right now...

Yeah it's illegal in English speaking countries. The Netherlands doesn't really have laws, especially ones that protect employees and private citizens from corporations.

What does Gestault mean to you?

1 Answer

1. Tell me a little bit about your educational background. 2. What do you know about ConnectedLab?

1 Answer

How would you create a UI language for Shaw in Apps.

1 Answer

What are your favorite apps?

1 Answer

They asked my about my previous design roles and why I had chosen a career in design.

1 Answer

detail discussed the experiences I had base on the resume

1 Answer

What do you think you can add to the team.

1 Answer

Show me an A-Z of your design process.

1 Answer

Showcase your portfolio. Have you done visual design yourself?

1 Answer
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