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Tell us about a time you handled a new experience/situation?

8 Answers

After how many days were you called for your second round of interviews?

I think “accepted offer” is a default option which you must select before post any interview reviews. Just called GE guys and they said it's still in the process of reviewing 1st round stuff, but around 500+ applicants makes this super tough lol

Have you heard back from them yet? I called them yesterday and they said they haven't finalized.

Can you tell me of a time you had to use a different method of communication with a coworker?

2 Answers

Mr. Summerton has been a rising start of this company and has acheived the highest sales ever in a single month, how would you feel about working with such an individual?

3 Answers

There are two buckets, one 5L bucket and one 3L bucket. Each bucket has no markings on it, and there is an unlimited supply of water. How can you measure exactly 4L of water?

3 Answers

There were the typical salary expectation questions.

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There are eight balls, one of which is slightly heavier than the other seven. How can you find the heavier ball using only a scale? The weights can not be determined by feel.

1 Answer

What have you done to prepare for this interview?

1 Answer

Name a time when you chose to make an unpopular choice that was (basically) "against the grain" why

1 Answer

What I did during my previous employment

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Questions related to resume (Toastmasters, etc)

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