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River Island Clothing
Traffic Lead was asked...March 21, 2023

Tell me about your experiences in your previous role

River Island Clothing

Why do you want to work for river island


Very standard. Heavily focused on job description, skills, and software

Güd Marketing

What experience do you have that prepares you for this role?

Canadian Pacific

How do you handle shift work? Demonstrate a time you applied your knowledge of safety.

1 Answers

As a dispatcher I always have to apply my knowledge of safety. Constant reminders and safety messages to my drivers to be aware of the Smith System 5 keys to help keep the safety of the driver, public and a way to protect the company’s asset our equipment. Safety is a matter of life and death. Less

Hitachi Rail

1. Describe about yourself 2. Tell me what is your experience


Why do you want this job?

Law Offices of Alex Hanna

Not applicable. Questions were generic.

NAV Canada

Standard ATC assesment with simulator and cognitive abilities testing.

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