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Another Strange "fancy" Position Title the Company Just Created Out of the Blue was asked...August 23, 2013

The interviewer sounded like a valley girl, mumbled through several of the questions, and couldn't even thoroughly answer the questions I had. Does anyone find it strange that when you go to the 2U website, most of the employees look like they just graduated high school or are in their early 20's? Nothing wrong with hiring people who are young, but when the majority of people who work there look like children...it's a red flag.

3 Answers

Both of you need to get over yourselves. Yeesh.

This is not a constructive and/or helpful comment to people who are actually trying to find resources to help them interview better. Less

It's unfortunate that anyone would judge our company based on the fact the people "look young." If you look closely at those "youngens" on the site you'd notice just how exceptional they all are. Example--one of the co-founders is a Princeton dropout who has dedicated his life to advancing 2U and edTech and was featured in Forbes' "30 under 30" list....TWICE! Second example, the GM of Semester Online came across the founder of 2tor (2U's original name), John Katzman, after writing SEVERAL letters to various CEOs from all over. By the way, he was probably around 10 when he first started this venture of writing to corporate people...I was busy coloring or something. I am sorry to hear that your interview process was abysmal and can't comment too much on that, but raising anyone's age as an issue especially not knowing how much work we all really do around here is not OK. Less


Can you do the job for $2700 at 30 days after first package ships?

2 Answers

Of course!

Did you work for the company?


Write a function to print first n odd powers of 3, where n is given.

2 Answers

void power(int n) { if (n<=0) throw illegalargumentException else { for(i-1;i<=n;i++) { int result = Math.pow(3, 2i-1); System.out.println(result); } } Less

void power(int n) { if (n<=0) throw illegalargumentException(); else { int result = 3; for(int i = 1; i< n; i++) { System.out.println(result); result *= 9; } } Less


What made you apply to Jacobs?

2 Answers

Sorry I meant 2nd interview was 1hr 1st pre recorded was 5mins

Yes, the ones that I remember they asked me to describe myself, where do I see myself 5yrs from now, how do I handle negative coworkers or situations, why did I apply to the job and do I see myself long term in the position, asked me to describe my previous jobs, asked about a project or experience in school or a job when I was in a leadership role, asked how would I tell a coworker they’re doing something incorrectly Less

First American Financial Corporation

Have you done any examining in other states

2 Answers

I said I had, but mainly local

Are they looking for applicants who will work from home? I wanted to apply but I can't see a job offering to work remotely. I'm from the Philippines and I have a background as Title Examiner for CA counties for refinance projects. Streamline projects for ALTA, JLP, and Super Eagle as well. I hope there is, I'm willing to work for them. Less

United Space Alliance

Tell me about your current position.

1 Answers

I gave a summary of my current position and how I could use my experience and skills to contribute to USA. Less

Oil & Gas Title Abstracting

What's your weakest quality?

1 Answers

Turn your weakness into a postive

Northwest Trustee Services

Name a time that you had a problem with a co-worker

1 Answers

General answer

Texhoma Land Consultants

Would I be willing to relocate for a short term assignment.

1 Answers

Yes, if travel was reimbursed.


How long have I done the work?

1 Answers

10 plus years

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