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Test automation specialist Interview Questions


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Describe xyz experience and what exactly you did.

1 Answer

Use the STAR method to describe the situation.

What is SOAP stand for? LooooooL

1 Answer

If you found a bug but the developer said it working fine, what would you do?

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Something for Amazon from Cracking the Coding interview (I dont remember). How would you go about testing the physical keyboard?

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Diff between java and c++, SQL: delete.

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2 eggs dropped from 100 floor building. find out at which level they break.

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Whats the difference between list and dictionary in python?

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1. The most successful project and the biggest problem in your project. 2. Why tester not developer. 3. How to learn coding in the best way. 4. What is the point you need help most in the job Description.

Few other questions related to C and data structures

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