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Being such a customer oriented position, how do you diffuse an angry customer based on either: previously poor experience, unresolved repeat issues, immediate requests for management.

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Get an open dialog going to understand the issue, and arrive at an understanding with the customer so they know fully you 1: understand the issue and 2: are aware of how to resolve or engage others for resolution. Provide professionalism, be transparent and genuine.

Give an example of when you gave an exceptional customer service

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Basic questions relating to internet. What is an IP address? What Troubleshooting steps to take for no internet connectivity? What cables are used for TV inputs?

How would you handle an irate customer who is demanding instant compensation?

How would you respond to a customer who has indicated that they have been on hold for thirty minutes already?

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what is IP address, OS types, what is internet

Basic technology questions like what is an IP address, HDMI is used for, how would you solve a slow connection internet problem, etc

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Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now at Rogers.

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