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How many people have you recruited in the last year and what was the type of positions?

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I answered it as it was but I wasn't sure of the exact number. It wasn't what was important in the end. More the type of roles, and the challenge I had for example that was helping the recruiter to understand better the type of recruitment I used to do in the past.

Just experience qurestions

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The questions became more about telling me what I should do with my career. Interview style was demeaning and insulting, I would say it reflects the culture and leadership especially the CEO.

What would you do if the hiring manager does not agree with your decision?

Experience, history, little about myself (ie, what I do for fun, schooling, hobbies)

Give an example of the best customer service you’ve experienced, why did you leave previous work, if we were to ask your family and friends, how would they describe you, what motivates you in life, how do you stay organized

How can you add value to the business?

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Personal, financial, growth goals?.. What culture I work best at.. My personal values and how I use them at work.. Past challanges and achievements.

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Explain to me what occurs in a communication channel when making a server request with "said" protocol, including all the protocols and ports involved.

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