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Technical operations specialist Interview Questions


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all the usual questions - what are your strengths and weaknesses. what negative experience at a previous job did you right and how. etc.

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Hi there....can you please explain about excel ans sap questions...i have a interview next week...thanks

hi rajesh - I didn't have any questions about sap, but they did give me an excel test where they provided a chart already made and printed out, and asked me to recreate it using the program. pretty standard excel stuff, i'd say intermediate level at most - most difficult thing was sum function if I remember correctly.

Thanks buddy...if you remember please let me know what they asked in the interview....thanks alot

Cases all focused on 1 of the 3 sides of the business, so try to brainstorm all the different problems that Dashers, Customers and Merchants face.

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write a c# method to bring pairs of integers that sum up to 10 from an array of integers.

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Tell me about a conflict that you had with a co-worker

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Given 2 SQL tables: users with (name,userid), blacklist with (userid), create a sql query that will only allow non-blacklisted users to login.

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A textbox on a webpage takes an integer order for water bottles from a customer. Minimum order of 5, over 100 water bottles and you get a discount. What unit tests would you perform to ensure the validity of this textbox?

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Can you work under pressure?

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Have you operated heavy equipment before.

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Did not really have any hard questions. (Interviewer no longer with the company)

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Sales test and math questions

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