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What is a weakness of yours and how are you addressing this?

4 Answers

Name a time you had to deal with a difficult customer?

I had a customer who was very upset with the service he received so I went over and beyond to make sure he left happy by taking care of him myself

Being overly neat and organized. It seems to annoy most people

What times and days are you available?

4 Answers

They want to know that you work well in a team, and will ask you situational questions

4 Answers

Do you want to work 5 days out in team or 10-14 days per trip out

3 Answers

Tell me an example of a situation in which you saw a person doing something wrong, and what you did.

2 Answers

tell more about your self

2 Answers

Have you worked at a fast food / food service restaurant before?

2 Answers

What's your availability

2 Answers

whats my dream job or work?

2 Answers

What are your weeknesses

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