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Have you read negative reviews about our company?

1 Answer

I said YES. They asked why I thought that was the case. I said because ye are a large employer and not everyone can be pleased

More than enough time was spent dissecting a role I had three years ago. It got a little awkward after while (as in "OK, let's move on - it's been years since I had that role and I have no idea how it's run now with you guys still being a client"). It was like they had a score to settle or something.

When a customer said that he had got overcahrged from bell and he was very upset.

Why are you here?

1 Answer

Do you experience with working 1:1 with clients and how do you rate your skill

How do you prioritize your tasks?

Has there been a time where someone did not understand your instructions, and how did you deal with that?

The usual questions that are asked in every interview but a higher emphasis on "tell me a situation where you..."

Tell us of a time where you had more than one important task to complete around the same time and how did you go about to fix them.

Tell us about a project with a team that did not go the way you thought? What was this project and how did you turn this into a positive experience

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