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Why do you want to teach in Korea?

3 Answers

What teaching experience do you have?

I would love to teach in Korea as the post advertised could be for me a new occasion for me to learn more about adults teaching skills that are peculiar in the teaching and learning domain

I've been teaching for 10 years at two different levels: Secondary and High school

They asked me to do a quick "mock" demo lesson for kindergarten aged kids.

2 Answers

What is your biggest problem when teaching a class? How do you manage a negative situation in the classroom?

2 Answers

If you were told that they didn't agree with a strategy that you planned to use, would you be willing to change it or do what they told you to.

2 Answers

How would you rate your English level?

2 Answers

How do you think you did? (Referring to the lesson you just presented)

2 Answers

What would you do if a student didn't want to learn?

2 Answers

How would you prompt a student's thinking in math?

2 Answers

Do you have any experience teaching children?

2 Answers

What will make you an exceptional teacher? How do you support student inside/outside the classroom? Describe your classroom management strategies.

2 Answers
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