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Tell me a time when you recently developed a new skill Tell me a time when you had to seek clarification about a project from someone such a Manager or Prof Tell me a time when you had to work with someone who was from a difference background or culture Tell me a time when you had to do something complex and the process you took to solve it Why PWc and Tax?

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Just try to think of situations that you can talk about when asked some of these generic questions. Use the STAR method to be successful.

Why tax, how would you handle the difficult situation

Tell me about a time where you had to multitask and had competing priorities?

Just very basic questions. Not a very difficult interview.

Why our firms How to differentiate yourself Introduce yourself

Tell me about yourself.

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Describe one time you received feedback and how do you use it

Describe a time where you were in a team where a conflict occured. How did you solve the conflict, what was the outcome of the group project?

What are 3 traits your former coworkers would say about you?

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