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When would I be available

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I am flexible

Online technical Assessment: "IKM Assessment" Time Limit: 135 Min. Questions: 45 All of the questions were MCQ-based, the exam was very lengthy, and required a very deep understanding of concepts. Some of the questions were: Choose the correct program output, etc Each question has 5 options and you can select max. 3 of them. Each question has negative marking and selecting any extra option will also result in negative marking,

Running malloc function in C accesses what kind of memory?

Write a code for Fibonacci with recursion? Write a code to take the input from the file and display

Product development process, knowledge of risk analysis, Validation and Verification, past experience, Design process.

What is your coding language you are most comfortable with and any disadvantages?

What do you know about supply chain? How can data analytics help in supply chain operations? Which IT products are commonly used for supply chain?

What do you do? Tell us about your thesis and so on

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