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previous experience that's related to the position what's your strategy for guarding? What would you do if a parent keeps asking you questions and won't let you leave to teach the next class?

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this makes no sense, and it shows that your supervisor/manager and or director, do not have the backs of the front line employees; this is their job to deal with the issues of parents and to get their employees back to the pool so that they can do their job. If a supervisor/manager is not paying attention then it's their own fault on these situations because a good-great supervisor would have stepped in and taken the time to address the situation while the employee was able to get back to work. Also, there is 'time & place' and either the city wants to provide parents the time to speak with guards (paid time outside of teaching/pool time) or they don't...I think they don't want to pay lifeguards for this additional time/effort and that is just a negative & toxic work environment.

How would you deal with a child that cries and doesn't want to get into the pool?

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What items should you make sure that you have when opening the pool?

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What would you do in the case of a missing child?

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When would you need to evacuate the pool?

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How would you deal with angry parents. How do you deal with inclusion for kids for lessons.

Where do you see yourself in the future at YMCA if you get this position?

You see a child under 5 with no adult in the pool, is this a major or minor situation how would you resolve it.

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