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Supply Chain Management was asked...August 18, 2017

What did and didn't you like about your high school career ? Explain your friend group. What groups were you in in high school? Name your favorite subjects. I understand wanting to "get to know" the candidate but is high school really a accurate representation of a person 10+ years out?

2 Answers

It appears you were in a TopGrading interview and the questions as stated are generally acceptable (haven't heard the one about friend groups). You make a good point of how they could turn into questionable territory and it is up to the interviewer to steer clear of discriminatory or compliance related issues. The premise for this part of the interviewing technique is that you begin some life long patterns early on, and those patterns may or may not continue into your later career. Following this line of questioning , you were likely then asked - 'if you had high school to do over, what might you do differently?'. This allows introspection and helps to assess an applicant's insight on self learning/development. The questions are repeated throughout the career interview, job by job, to determine a person's progression and understand the best areas to probe in more depth. Less

I also interviewed around the same time, and I was very confused with their interview style. Why go all the way back to high school that was 20 years ago for me. Also the HR person did look confused the whole time. How could they string you a long for 7 months. If you interviewed in March? It is only Aug. 2017 now? Less


How good are you with Excel? What do you do in free time? Are you good communicating with other people?

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Thanks for your feedback. We'll take it serious and will consider it for the next job interviews so we become better and better. Good luck for your further carrer. Less

CRS Group

if i can work under pleasure and even weekends if needed to process the unfinish

2 Answers

yes i can your under pleasure and even weekends, because thats the reason why in here to look for a wok Less

Being an employee, it is a part of my to render overtime, weekdays and weekends including Sunday. It is depends on the needs of my Company . As an employee, i am a part to target in generating income as much as high as able. If the company will grow, of course thier employees too. Less


Describe a time you had to deal with someone with a cultural difference and what did you do?

2 Answers

would you be willing to answer a couple questions for me? i have an srd coming up for a contracting and procurement role Less

The best way is adaptation


I was provided two supply chain case studies during the interview.

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If I were you I’d hire me. Newburyport, MA 01950 Remote work from home

I’d hire me.

Rottendorf Pharma

Wie ermitteln sie die optimale Losgröße in der Produktionsplanung, wenn die Variablen Halbbarkeit und Rüstkosten gegeben sind?

1 Answers

Die wirtschaftlichste Losgröße ist immer die mit den geringsten Kosten pro Einheit. Diese bedingt allerdings auch immer ein höheren Bestandsrisiko und geringere Flexibilität in der Fertigung - hier ist ein Mittelweg nach Unternehmensstrategie zu finden. Less

Nigerian Breweries

Talk about arab spring

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They as me to pick from a basket of questions and talk about the topic for 5mins. .................................................................................................... Less


First round interview was online core

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Simple and easy..

Naval Information Warfare Systems Command

There were no questions, but instead, I was asked if I would like to work on something other than what I had been working on in the past, i.e. work on supply/logistics versus operations.

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Of course, I was up for a new challenge and a change of pace in my career, so I said yes. I found supply/logistics to be far more challenging than I had anticipated. Overall, it was a great experience and I was able to learn a new skill. Less


More they want to know about you and General question related to your course work study

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I am Medhavi Dhamangaonkar. I did my bachelors from India at Pune University. I did my bachelors in Mechanical engineering. Then I have done my post graduation diploma in Process engineering. I had an experience of 3 years in the Automobile field. Right now I am pursuing my Erasmus exchange masters in Industrial Management. I have a specialization in Operations excellence and supply chain management towards industry 4.0 revolution. I am hardworking person and passionate about my work. I am a friendly person with lots of motivation in my life. I am a state player basket ball player. I am international chess player. I shows enthusiasm about my work. I am helpful person. I love to communicate with everyone to work in the team. Less

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