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What is your 30, 60, 90-day plan if you receive the offer?

7 Answers

Hi,can you would be give me some advice how to prepare for the writing test-I have invitation for interview and the test would be crucial for the final result .Thank you in advance.

Some samples can really be helpful

Hello, The test is basic math and English. If you can add and subtract using a calculator you will be fine for the math portion. English portion has listening where there will be someone reading a short story and you have to answer questions relating to it. There is a reading portion where several questions are asked based on a short passage. There are some vocabulary questions. If you've had previous experience in similar company you can easily answer them. Finally a writing portion where you will have to write a few lines on a given topic. Good luck!

How many loaves of bread do you think are consumed in Canada annually?

3 Answers

Give a situation where you can justify bending a rule?

2 Answers

Are you willing to relocate?

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Tell me about yourself

1 Answer

Have you worked with databases before?

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Do you have any Mining experience?

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Why would you like to work here?

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tell me some projects you did

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Why you think you are a good fit for this position

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