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The Hershey Company
Maintenance Supervisor was asked...September 24, 2016

what was your best day at work

2 Answers


Had a similar question. " I know not everyday is the exact same , but can you describe your average day at work?" I gave the standard mindless answer, but in my head I was considering not every day is the same my answers would vary. You got to love STAR questioning, NOT. I think they ask these questions to find out if you're a mindless drone worker or someone who may have rational thought. I guess it will depend on which one they are truly looking for, haha! Less

FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

"I can't overemphasize that this is a very fast paced environment. What makes you think you are suited to working here?"

1 Answers

I reiterated my past experience in a similar machining plant.

Ford Motor Company

Lots of what if questions for mental state in certain situations.

2 Answers

Do you have some examples of the questions?

how would handle a dispute between 2 co-workers, under the gun to get a breakdown running how would you handle it, etc.. Less

Simmons Foods

How do you feel about working in cold, wet, dirty conditions?

1 Answers

It's part of working in the maintenance field.

Wise Alloys

Why I wanted to leave my previous job

1 Answers

Closer to home and difficult work hours with no support from upper level managers Less

Carl Buddig

What experience do you have in the Maintenance field Did you go to school for maintenance and do you have a degree are you willing to work overtime and off shifts are you willing to work weekends

1 Answers

32 years yes but no degree yes willing to work overtime Yes willing to work overtime Less

Copa Airlines

Are you willing to work long afterhours?

1 Answers


Lincolnshire Senior Care

Job knowledge Experience Salary expected what do I expect from them as an employer

1 Answers

To the best of my knowledge

MAXX Properties

what are some of your talents that would make you stand out over some of the other competition?

1 Answers

i told them that i was in the HVAC buisiness for going on 5 years and went to school for that career field and that i have was a service technician for most of my time in that career and was a residential installer in the slow seasons. Less

Nitto Denko

Have you had supervisory experience before.

1 Answers

All my life I have been a natural leader and had several leadership roles.

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