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Subsea Engineer was asked...November 16, 2017

Describe an EDS

2 Answers

Described a EDS process in detail

Electronic data solution


Are you willing to travel for work in the most turbulent country in the world?

2 Answers

there's no oil in switzerland!

yes ofcourse i love travelling and i wish to do that


Describe a difficult problem you had to solve and how you solved it.

1 Answers

I described my senior design project. I described the difficult with the technical, team members and differing priorities. Less


Would you be ok with reading alot of documents?

1 Answers

If its a part of work and essential, then yes


Tell me more in depth about what have you done according to your CV. For example, writing a specification

1 Answers

I think this is quite a general questions and i don;t really know where to start. However, i've just briefly describe the working process between me and my previous lead. E.g i would prepare specification based on some go-bys documents from shell, and my lead would check it and issue it if he is happy with it. Also, i've given training to the junior engineers regarding usage of certain softwares. Less


What design considerations would you need to think about when planning a new subsea system?

1 Answers

You want to consider the conditions of the subsurface, cost, water depth, seabed characteristics Less


How quickly do you feel you will be able to work on your own?

1 Answers

It depends on the quality and quanity of the training.


Why did I choose Expro?

1 Answers

Because I was looking for a career opportunity as well as business development.


What is your biggest weakness?

1 Answers

Answering difficult questions


Why do you want to work for Cameron?

1 Answers

iam guilty to work on other companies

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