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Stock Clerk was asked...May 6, 2017

What's your availability?

4 Answers

I have an open availability

Everyday except Monday.

Any day

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When i finally met him i shuck his hand and we went the interview room and we sat down as he statted gathering paper work and when he started talking he ask me about customerservice stating that if i was working in a store and customer couldn't find and an item then what should i do. And my answer was that i would stop what i am doing and walk the customer to the isle show them where to look because i wouldn't know exactly the number isle so that what i told him and that am an loyal worker and i have done this work before and he said ok and was like he had lost some paperwork and was looking on the table but never said to me that he did and just me told me he will give me an call when he gather of information from the other interviews but i never heard anything back from him from that day to this one he never call since and i gave him the correct phone.

3 Answers

"Telling the customer where to look" Isn't enough. Stop what you're doing, walk with the customer to where the item is, GET IT OFF THE SHELF AND HAND IT TO THEM and ask if this is what they're looking for. That's what we call "excellent customer service." Less

How about learning how to spell first

I answer the question great without hesitatation

Bimbo Bakeries
Stock Clerk was asked...December 19, 2016

Do you want to work here?

3 Answers

Yes very much


Looking for work. Factory

Wynn Resorts

How would you say your relationship with your last employer was , and why did you leave?

3 Answers

No detail, but your ability to be a team player will be judged. Be friendly, and professional. Greet everyone you see warmly until the interview. Less

Great company to work, Very good care of employees, safety and security of guests and employee above and beyond compliance. I left the company on my own request because of 12 yrs in water only and wanted to accept new challenges on land for rest of my Life. Less

I am in the best of terms with my employer. My 24 years in public service will speak for itself. My employer had given me full trust and confidence in delivering the best services to our clients. I left my job because I really need to join my wife here in the US. Less

Hollister Co.
Stock Clerk was asked...January 28, 2019

Describe yourself in three words

3 Answers

Why do you think you’d be good for this role

enthusiastic, confident and friendly

Enthusiastic, Confident and Friendly

Giant Eagle

If you had just clocked out for lunch, and you saw the line at the bakery was very long. A customer stops you and explains that they only need to pick up their cake. What do you do?

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you have one of 2 ways you can handle this one, tell the customer you just punched out but is there anything else you can do for her or tell her that you will see if there is anything you can do and then proceed to the manager or assistant manager and ask if you can punch back in and help at the bakery with the customers and you will take your break when it is less busy or take 2 15 minute breaks later just to keep the customers moving and happy, no matter what customer service is job 1 and you have to think of the store as your own store because you are vested in it and your paycheck depends on it, always try to remember to be nice and be the best worker you can be, in this day and age there is no guarantee of a job you have to be the best you can be and if you can't deal with customers than you have cut out most jobs on the market. Less

I would help the customer and take my lunch after. I would let management know that it will appear I took an extended lunch on my timesheet because I was helping a customer at the beginning. Less



2 Answers




What experience do you have with customer service.

2 Answers

10 years

Helping costumers to find when they looking for a product

Real Canadian Superstore
Stock Clerk was asked...January 21, 2016

What past experiences do you think would help you in this position?

2 Answers

Having experience in pharmaceutical feild for more than 15 years .

I am a Diploma pharmacist from India having experience of more than 15years having my own distribution firm 48years of age Less

Envoy Air

How did you hear about us?

2 Answers

A friend


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