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What is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand on a clock when it is 3:15?

7 Answers

7.5 degrees

I think it's more likely 0degrees

90 degree.

What would you do if the item is sold out, your customer wants it, and someone else just put it in their basket?

2 Answers

very straight forward questions

3 Answers

they asked basic programming questions

1 Answer

First Q was something about why I want to join HS or something about what do I know about HS?

1 Answer

recall one time where you provided exceptional customer service.

1 Answer

I was interviewed by COO and two VPs in the panel. None them even know to ask some good interview questions. And came to the conclusion that I am not the right fit. While I am handling the same role with a much bigger giant.

1 Answer

No questions relevant to the roles were asked.

1 Answer

Tell me one thing in your career or education you've been the most proud of. (This seems very specific to the Store Leader in question though).

1 Answer

You are working at a coffee house, and a customer comes in who says she overpaid the previous day and wants her change back. What do you do?

3 Answers
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