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how is salesforce going to make my company better ?

1 Answer

increase efficiency reduce time waste..

What am I passionate about?

1 Answer

WHAT IS YOUR AGE??? - A totally prohibited ground in HR context.

4 Answers

Q: Tell me about a recent opportunity you worked on, how you partnered with your respective AE and what the prospect's underlying "challenge" or "pain" was? How was it resolved with the solution you put forth?

Two days later Hr calls me "Good News you are selected for round3 and for the next round you need to do a demo ,A software that you train on now or something like Canon UNIFLOW ,It should not be more than 10 minutes and not too much technical and not more than 15 slides, do the demo in simple eazy English" and i have to appear 30 minutes before the intended time and he gave me a week to prepare(so now i have to take my 3 day off) coz my company wont let you take half day ... I dont know UNIFLOW and i though it would be stupid to train UNIFLOW to the same people who knows the software, but then i cannot show EMR coz thats a few hours of training so i came up with an add-on module its usually a 1 hr training module , i made it short with 15 slides.The D day came ,i was again at Canon on time like the Hr said 30 minutes before the intended start time which was 14:00 coz they need to hook up the projector . The front office girl said ill have to wait coz its not time yet and there was another interview going on ... finally at 14:10 ..they called me in ,there was no Hr but a new guy in (he said he is sales Manger from Brampton office) and two people on the video conference, the Manager who took my 2 round and another Manager (GUY).The said you dont need a projector just show it on the laptop and (they had a copy that i had sent them early) -( IN HINDSIGHT THAT WAS A FLAG THEY WERE NOT INTERESTED). The demo started and i see the Woman-Manager was listening to me , but the other 2 guys were very disinterested one was even doing something on his laptop and never looked at my face.. They asked a few basic questions about the software demo (you know pass time).She said excellent job with the demo and will call back .A week later the Hr guy calls,says "i dont know what to say but the Manager didn't pick you, instead we found a person who has more experience in UNIFLOW" (the white guy who was interviewed before me). I said "thank you (for nothing HAAAA) for letting me know". this was my experience with Canon . I had read on Glassdoor about people commenting about how bad the management is ..i felt it hands-on how terrible it is . I was more interested as the office was close by my house (the pay was standard as im getting now around 60 k) and 50-75 % travel

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Company president asked me to define some technical terms, which was interesting. First was "computer". Most of the numerous interviews involved conversations about approach, industry knowledge and "getting to know you" stuff. The interviews themselves were a very good experience.

What do you know about Windows?!!! and other offending and stupid questions Tonnes of irrational questions about your past experience and skills to humiliate you.

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Why do you want this role?

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Describe a time when you were faced with adversity? Technical related Salesforce questions How did you hear about us? Why do you want to be a consultant?

One of the key questions for this position related to experience in managing scope on a project.

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