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Explain the difference between a Java interface and a Java abstract class.

2 Answers

An abstract class is a generic that usually has some common methods defined that subclasses can use. However, the class itself contains one or more abstract methods that the child classes should implement. Abstract classes cannot be used directly,they must be instantiated by a subclass. Inferfacesare a template for method defition and can be adopted by any class to define a particular behavior. One key difference is that's lass can only extend one other class but it can implement many interfaces.

in addition to what the Interview Candidate wrote: abstract class can contain concrete methods while interfaces can only have methods with no body.

very easy, not much technical, my manager was nice, we talk about life in general. they asked about my CCIE, powerpoint, about network background, past experience,

1 Answer

Very thorough questions. Bullshitters be aware. The team knows their stuff and in-depth questions. The first interview was completely technical. The second interview was with the team manager and more of behavioral.

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Since you haven't worked on projects this large before do you think you will be able to adjust

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Explain what is DNS?

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What would be your plan of attack in this role, over the first 90 days?

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1-hour Full technical interview. More than 25 questions were asked from different areas. From how to build a HA solution to Big data and Database troubleshooting

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Questions about why a current methodology is being sought after and what is the best way to conduct a Migration project

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Can you explain the process Normalization of Data? What you do if you have a web page can not be accessed from a user? Then you found its happening only sometimes in peak hours? And how you resolve it? If you have a system with Front end/Application Layer/ and Database? How do you protect your system? And how to make it high priority and always accessible and running? And then what you do in the Database side? What is GPU? What is WAF? What is the IO Bound? What is Jump Box? What is symmetrical? What is MFA Authentication? What is the continuous integration? What is difference between NAS vs. SAN vs. DAS? What is CDN? What is the difference between Layer 4 and 7? Stateful firewall? MPLS Network? Describe Hadoop? What is used for? And why? DOS and DDOS? SGA?

Describe a situation where a project went off the rails and what did you do to attempt to bring it back?

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