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Software engineer university graduate Interview Questions


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I can not share the question, but in a couple of words: It was a problem with matrices, and how to efficiently store information on it.

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The function that I was suppose to code, on trivial non-optimal implementation was O(n^2). I had to code that one, and then find (and code) one that was linear in time O(n)

There was a Pair Programming session in which you work with a developer to solve some problem. Be ready to code!

Mostly just gave general array-esque questions, most were in the LC easy side.

What was one project you worked on that would help you working at Microsoft

They use their own coding editor 1. SQL how to select columns from table 2. do joinning table 3. how to record the occurrence of string in the file and find the highest frequency of string 4. how to sort a map with its values 5. math questions find the right number to fill the blank of a series of numbers

Networking, Dot and dashes java console game, read a file and return a specific string, Write a hashmap without importing any classes.