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Name 5 datastructures.

1 Answer

I simply stated 5: Array, Queue, Stack, etc...

NDA, sorry.

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Delete node in BST

3 Answers

Question related to slow website and how would you improve that

reverse the second half of a linked list

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there was nothing difficult. First i was asked about my technical project and my ideas that i implemented in those projects and how it helped the overall outcome. Rest was technical 1 Convert String to Integer and test it. 2. Array and Linked list complexities. Their advantages and disadvantages. 3. Algorithm for tic-toke

There really weren't any big surprises here. If you're applying for this job, you probably have a CS degree of some sort under your belt, and unless you've been practically sleeping through your classes throughout your degree it shouldn't be difficult to answer most/all of these questions fully and intelligently.

What did you do to solve a relationship problem inside your former team?

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