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Software engineer front end Interview Questions


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1. To add an HTTP request to the search engine, then log a result depending on the# of pages and requirements. 2. Use DP to implement a Knapsack-like problem. Restrictions on time complexity. 3. Implement a to-do list's delete method on website.

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Did u get rejected or just not receive an offer yet?

To X: Get rejected

Did they request to do a background screening on you before rejecting?

You are given a 5L and a 3L jug. Both jugs are really oddly shaped and don't have any measure markings, so you can only fill the jug up to the top. Given unlimited water, can you somehow make 4L of water from these two jugs?

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Can you talk about one of your developing experience?

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Assignment sent to me to complete: Use an API to build small react application.

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How can you select an element by its ID and class in CSS

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What is your favourite typeface?

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why you are considering moving on from your present role?

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Tell me about your work backgroud

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Did you use any frameworks in the development process ?

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What tools are you currently using in developing client side software?

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