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Delete node in BST

3 Answers


That's crazy to ask such questions - it takes 2 hours to implement. Probably, interviewers ask them when they want the candidate to fail.

I even can't post the answer - it shows that it exceeded the limit.

You have two operations: add by one and multiply by 2. Find the minimum number of operations to get from 0 to any particular integer.

2 Answers

Add two linked lists Input: First List: 5->6->3 // represents number 563 Second List: 8->4->2 // represents number 842 Output Resultant list: 1->4->0->5 // represents number 1405

2 Answers

OOD difference between virtual function and abstract function

1 Answer

I was asked to implement a cache for storing visited webpages, including some sort of deletion algorithm if the maximum sized was achieved.

2 Answers

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Name 5 datastructures.

1 Answer

Questions about bsts and running operations on them.

1 Answer

NDA, sorry.

1 Answer

transform a [1,0] matrix grid into matrix grid of manhattan distance between closest 1's

1 Answer