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State of Indiana
Services Consultant was asked...June 3, 2016

What is one areas that you feel you can improve in

4 Answers

I can definitely improve in technology and learning new techniques.

I can always improve on my time management skills.

I could sharpen my computer skills

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I have ping pong balls that I want to ship across the ocean in a freight ship. How many can you fit?

3 Answers

- What is the shape of the ping pong balls? The shape of a ball is a ball, man =) It's better if you find the answers by yourself on this questions. The key element they want to know is how can you think and look for the answers in the world around you. You should better predict all measurable values, than ask about them Less

and predict doesn't mean you just say ....hmm let it be 22. No. You should say that you saw a stap on one of balls with it's mass equal to 1g. And you saw a picture with a cargo ship near a man in dock so it's like 10 floor building and each floor is 3m calculate Less

Make sure to ask clarifying questions. - How big are the ping pong balls? - What are the dimensions of the ship? - What is the shape of the ping pong balls? Less

Capitec Bank

What makes you the best candidate

3 Answers

I have customer service experience

Good communication with skills

I have exposure in the banking environment, i had an opportunity to work with people, servicing their needs and with all the skills and experience I gained along the way I believe I will be a valuable asset adding more value to the business. Less

Working Solutions

Nothing too scary. Just two or three good questions about problem solving... Discuss a time when you had this sort of problem and how did you handle it? What was the outcome?

2 Answers

The only negative comment I would make at this point is that WS currently doesn't have any work for me. I am still waiting to be called for a project. It has been a couple of weeks since WS sent me the congratulating email on passing their selection process. I'm optimistic some work will come along soon, so we'll see... Less

Hi. Have you received an assignment yet, & how long after your acceptance? If you don't mind, please also explain the process; training you received; what your starting hourly wage is & promises of raises; your opinion of the assignment so far, etc. Thank you! Less

Nationwide Building Society

The first question was "are you or can you be flexible"

2 Answers



AMP Limited

Tell us about your previous education/work in 90 seconds. Why AMP? Why are you fit for this role? Tell us a time you received bad customer service? And how would you have resolved it if you were person giving bad customer service? Tell us a time have you multi-tasked?

2 Answers

What are the questions they asked you in video interview?

That would be appreciated! thanks

Rogers Communications

How would you handle a call where a customer wanted an adjustment because she was on the wrong Price Plan? Would you give a credit or offer a new price plan?

1 Answers

You would educate the customer about her current plan and arrange to change her Price Plan to prevent further overages! Less

Rogers Communications

Give an example of a time when you had an irate customer on the phone or in person. How did you handle the situation? What was the outcome?

2 Answers

Customer service consultant rogers interview

(Again, be creative and serious with your answers)


Read this two-page description of a company that received $x million in stimulus funding to implement a smart grid project to serve a large geographic region. It must meet a variety of technical and business requirements listed here. What would you do first?

2 Answers

Had to read the case, interpret results, and make recommendations during a 30- minute one on one interview. I could spend days on this question, and thinking quick on your feet to provide the most relevant information was the hardest part. Less

I would first assemble and decipher the mandatory technical requirements with an employee from the IT department. In addition, make sure that I have a business analyst associate onboard. Less

Baldwin Research Institute

No real questions were asked during the interview process other than my experience.

2 Answers

Congratulations on the job offer. May I suggest being very careful with this company? I certainly do not expect you to take my word for it....but ask around. Ask the advisors at the unemployment office....BRI has a tendency to keep people, on average, 6 months. This is why unemployment advisors in the same city as the company is located can give you an answer, There are a steady stream of people from this company that apply for unemployment benefits. However, I do hope that it works for you and you are the exception rather than the rule. Less

Sadly, you were right

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