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say you're on the phone with rogers or say amazon for technical support, what do you look for in a great customer service experience

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1. technical skills, someone who understands what you are saying 2. politeness 3. soft skills, "small talk" being able to make a conversation while solving your problems.(this was a HUUUGE Deal in the interview)

Generic questions such as why did you apply for this job, salary expectations, work hours, etc...

Can you uninstall IE completely from a Windows OS?

what is the best advice you got from someone ?

What would you do if *insert technical situation here*?

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Demonstrate a time in which you had to deal with a difficult customer.

Ask you to talk about yourself to see how well you can think on your feet (i.e BS the client)

What do you know about the role you have applied for?

What I know about the "Cloud" regarding Office 365

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