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1. What makes you qualified to do this job. 2. Are you aware that this is just a contract? A very short term contract? 3. How much (money) are you looking at(want)?

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These were simple and standard questions. When she didn't respond to my emails and phone calls, it became clear that this vindictive and spiteful TA Lead skewed my assessment.

Its about the Companies that i worked and my exposure to the Tool

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generic questions, not too specific, and not like you would ask someone if you really needed to hire.

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What is radius?

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vsphere 6.5 client doesn't work properly with ovf templates. What alternatives have you used?

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Peppered with questions about things that are not even listed on my resume. More wasted time.

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What is your favorite super hero

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Name a time where a customer was irate and how did you handle it? Customer calls and cannot connect to the internet, what are your steps?

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Describe scenarios about load balancing, monitoring systems, project management tools. How would you guide your career from now on.. etc.

Why do you want to join this company? What kind of issues have you come across with Storage? Give me an AWS solution for a CRM application on the West Coast of the US with an RPO and RTO of 4 hours! You have an issue with a fibre device, what are the components you would troubleshoot? How would you deploy 100 servers in VMware?

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