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Technical background

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Since there was no technical requirement was shared on the job posting and a good software developer can pick up any language as necessary, I told that I started to develop software with Qbasic, then I switched to Visual Basic and then I started to use C#, so even the job we are talking about doesn't require any other language knowledge now, it doesn't necessarily mean that it won't in the future or it may require completely different technical knowledge and I am one of these developers who can pick up new technologies easily.

The following code creates an unnecessary temporary variable. How would you change it to be more efficient? C++ code that searches an unsorted list...

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Kept asking me how I would optimize the solution even further and further.

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Why are you using an enterprise solution for a web application built for a cup cake shop (the problem was building a web app for a cup cake shop)?

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This kind of test doesn't imply any 1-1 interview, nor technical verbose definition, nor any multiple choices, but is rather mainly an online simulation test aimed on your understanding of automated testing. That's what the test is mainly about. The idea is being able to generate 50 successful tokens in a row through username&password login. So in order to get a successful token, you'll first be asked to find a way to generate proper username and password combination to login. A hint... the username and password are the same and are mainly composed of four identical numbers series... At least the combo worked in my case... The next catch is to override a maximum of 10 tries. When you'll reach the 10th you'll probably hit a message saying you've been detected as a bot! A way to override this issue by clearing the cache at 9 and also restarting same session with different fake Selenium drivers and proxies. As proof of success, I also added a line of code enabling to take a print screen jpeg image of each successful token and save it on temp directory, just to make sure. So that was it.

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What you do if you cannot get something from upper management you need?

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Questions about Java and Javascript and writing pseudo code. (ie: the difference between == and === in JS) Additionally i had to reviewing existing code and make improvements and optimizations to it.

Read and explain a block of code, then re-implement it in a programming language of your choice.

Pretty general case study was used which can make you think it's an easy question, but they're looking for the thought process you use as well as the way you interact with the team in the room.

Implement Tic Tac Toe game using a language of your choice.

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