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Greenhouse Software
Senior Salesforce Administrator was asked...February 13, 2022

How would you implement the components required to solve the following problem? (Small example business problem requiring the instancing of some new fields and automation)

1 Answers

Demonstrated the solution in a Dev-Ed sandbox


Tell me about yourself Web to Lead Data migration Automation Flows, Process builders

1 Answers

Very well. I have implementation experience in these


Validation rules was the main focus of this test. the questions were not well worded and some assumptions had to be made.

1 Answers

I tested my validation rules within the platform and received no errors.


Walk me through a scenario where you solved a complex business challenge with a Salesforce solution.

1 Answers

Walked them through the scenario.

Creative Systems & Consulting

Why are you interested in joining Creative Systems.

1 Answers

How will you contribute towards it growth.

New Relic

Specific Salesforce knowledge check (ex: what are the different types of reports available?)

1 Answers

Typical SFDC admin answer: table, summary, matrix, and joined.


I was asked if I’d ever worked with workflow rules and process builder.

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Most any admin has created workflow, validation, and escalation rules. He had mentioned they weren’t really using Lightning Edition, so I was curious how he knew about it. I explained how you could bunch workflows into process builder so you can control the order in which rules are applied. He himself had no experience with that, and was not certified himself (he confessed to just pushing buttons hoping it worked !!!), so I could have made up anything at that point. I made suggestions on how to simplify integrations, and he replied “We don’t want to do that.” I generally don’t like working with people that overly complicate business systems. It creates bloat, and makes room for error and dirty data. I was not feeling great about the job, and thankfully, the VP I was supposed to meet with begged off because he was up all night trying to fix a malicious wipe of one of their servers. (Not amazing to hear about a financial company) Apparently, blowing off interviews is a common practice of theirs. Anyway, they’re shopping the job around to a bunch of recruiting firms at varying salaries, so good luck on salary roulette. Incidentally, what they want is a developer hybrid, but only want to pay you admin dollars. Run away! Less

Verisk Analytics

These were technical question related to SFDC


Do you know what the MX values are?

Pod Point

Talk me through your CV

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