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Susquehanna International Group (SIG)
Senior Equity Research Analyst was asked...November 12, 2013

You have a fair penny. It takes a dollar to play and to win, you must flip 4 heads in a row for 10 dollars. Should you play?

3 Answers

Expected Payoff: ((1/2)^4)*10 = 0.625 Cost = 1 ==> No

I will consider 2 cases. First case: we pay a buck to flip the coin 4 times and if we don't get 4 heads, we again pay a dollar to flip the coin 4 times and the results of the first round do not count (i.e getting THHH for the first round and HTTT for the second won't do).So here we pay 1 dollar for 4 flips. In this case we would expect HHHH to happen once in 16 rounds (since the probability of having HHHH is 1/16). Then expected value of this game = -16 (the cost of playing 16 rounds) + 10 = -6. Hence, we shouldn't play. Second case: we pay a dollar to flip the coin 4 times and if we do not get 4 heads we pay another buck for ONE more flip until we get 4 heads in a row. Let us work out the expected number of flips to get 4 heads in a row. Let Ei = expected number of flips to get i heads in a row. Then E4 = 0.5 * E3 + 0.5 * E4 + 1 (since if we get a head then the problem is reduced to finding the expected number of flips to get 3 heads in a row (ie E3), if we get a tail, then we start from scratch (ie E4)). Similarly, E3 = 0.5 * E2 + 0.5 * E4 + 1; E2 = 0.5 * E1 + 0.5 * E4 + 1; E1 = 0.5 * E0 + 0.5 * E4 + 1; E0 = 0 since the expected number of flips required to get 0 heads is simply zero. Solving these equations, we get that E4 = 30, ie we expect to flip the coin 30 times until we get 4 heads in a row. Remember that the first 4 flips cost us a dollar and EACH subsequent flip is an extra dollar. So the cost of this game would be 1 + 26 = 27. So the epected value of this game = - 27 + 10 = - 17. Therefore, we shouldn't play this game. Less

EV is -3/8


why do you think you are suitable for this role?How can you contribute to the organization?

2 Answers

I have got 2 years of experience as Research Analyst in Lead Generation, And i will give my full effort towards my skill to organization. Less

I am a clean slate. willl get moulded as desired. Have willingness to learn


100 people were polled about reading 2 newspapers. Of that, 70 people read paper A, 40 read paper B and 20 didn't read either. a. How many people read paper A only b. How many people read paper B only c. How many people read at least 1 paper (A or B)

2 Answers

30 is A&B 50 is A or B

Ans: a. 40; b. 10; c. 30

The Smart Cube

Why have Chinese investments increased in South African countries?

2 Answers

Because the wages of labour in China is rising, and so is the cost of manufacturing. So, the Chinese companies are investing heavily in African countries where the labour and cost of manufacturing is low, while also ensuring a huge market which has largely been untapped. This way, though the manufacturing is slowly going to shift to African nations, but the companies reaping dividends out of it will still be Chinese. Less

Due to the high trade deficit for china, the dollar reserves go high. In this case the value of the chinese currency should devalue but the chinese currency is valued more which suggests the manipulation by buying of gold. Again due to shortage of gold in the market and limit of manipulation they have to route funds through other countries which I think they have done in this case. Less

R.R. Donnelley

Where would you categorize 'Premium receipts' in financial statements? (for insurance companies)

1 Answers

Under Income Statement as revenue


Vacancies related things.

1 Answers

Truth and give the best.


what is the biggest challenge you ever had?

1 Answers

Story-telling, how I handle the challenge positively.

Beroe Inc.

second round GD. Topic 1:Technological advancement is more important than social harmony for development of a nation Topic 2:small eating big

1 Answers

GD1 was very easy. GD2: Very poor. No one had anything to say. The points I said were rejected by the GD supervisor. He said I was trying to change the topic. It was more like he didnt understand what I was trying to say. very disappointed with Beroe for not keeping a competent supervisor. PS: My point was- The topic has two interpretations: 1st one: small eating big- can be seen as having 2 nouns and one ver. hence a small thing eating a big thing. second interpretation: small eating - adjective and big as noun hence a big thing eating small things. he shot down the idea before i could even give an example. Less

Basic Research And experience.

1 Answers

Best at my level. But HR will not revert you back with any response You should have etiquettes for candidates coming from Outer cites just to get interviewed Feedback should be given positive negative whatever it is Less


Some basic questions on finance, some basic puzzles from case interviews books etc. Most of the questions on past career moves and decisions. Every interviewer tries hard to convince you that each of your past career move was bad since Irevna was not there, and once you join Irevna, you are set for life! Very unprofessional and demeaning attitude.

1 Answers

Described my career moves and gave reasons for the same.

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