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If you are using QTP, how can you identify 2 pop up windows with exactly the same object id? So far I have no answer.

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So far I have no answer.

QTP records the creation time object property for identifying the object. Which ever pop up window comes first is assigne creationtime = 0 and the nexxt one one is assigned 1, I gues on this basis we can differentiate between the two pop ups

Using Ordinal Identifier - Index

The interview process was really structured as it was segmented in 4 major areas. They started with questions related to my past experience, projects that I worked on, roles and responsibilities, etc. After this, their questions revolved around manual testing concepts, techniques, types of testing, test strategy, test plan, etc. Next in line were questions related to Automation testing such as Frameworks, Structure of a framework, Challenges in building a framework, etc. Last part of the interview was 'White-boarding' where I was given the problem statement and was asked to provide solution using Java programming. I could easily comprehend these scenarios and was able to write meaningful code because QA manager was very clear and detail-oriented in his explanation of the situation.

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Was asked everything in my resume. Each and every line was asked an explanation. I had blowed up a bit and had difficulty explaining. Was given a set of SQL queries to answer in a sheet of paper.

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Asked general question related to Qa process, SQL, tools. Very repetitive type of questions. Be ready to solve some puzzles as they want to check your logical thinking.

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If you were busy and your managers asks you to do something, then the senior manager asks you to do another thing. How do you tackle that and prioritize your time? which would you do first?

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Tell me about your day to day tasks?

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asked to review a python script and build an SQL query.

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Tell something about your self.

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What is your Salary expectations

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- Difficult Developer Level questions. - Regular QA level questions.

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